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Butterflies exude a certain level of love for nature, fragrance, and femininity. This is probably a few of the reasons why they are very famous in terms of being a logo for a company, a brand, or a product.

Aside from all those factors, butterflies are actually really attractive, and they look really good no matter what form of interpretation is done to them by visual artists. One thing that also makes them stand out is that they are visually pleasing due to the different colors that they naturally have.

Aside from providing you with beautiful butterfly logos, we also have Calendar Template samples that you may be interested in downloading.

 Colorful Butterfly Logo

colorful butterfly logo

Modern Butterfly Logo

modern butterfly logo

Custom Butterfly Logo

custom butterfly logo

Premade Butterfly Logo

premade butterfly logo

You are suggested to use a butterfly logo if either your company, brand, or product we found is related to the following:

  • Awareness for the protection of nature. A butterfly can be seen if there is abundance in flowers. This means that they can only survive on environments that are away from pollution and other unhealthy factors. You may use this instance to relate to your product’s objective of spreading awareness for the protection of mother earth.
  • Perfume scents. Butterflies are always associated with flowers. Make your consumers smell that fragrance even if they have not bought your product yet. This move will make them more interested in getting them.
  • Laundry products. Clothes that are worn by people should always smell good. A butterfly, as said, can make them imagine just that. Use it to your product’s advantage.
  • Eco-friendly products/services. Anything that is related to flora and fauna can provide this message. If your products are made from sustainable materials, you may use them for better marketing.
  • Tour operations. Butterflies move from one place to another, hence, the similarity to the job operations of tour providers.

Other than the abovementioned, there are still a lot of industries and businesses that may use the icon of a butterfly as a logo. If you want another animal to be a logo of your brand, you can take a look at our bird logos and see if you can select a logo that is right for you and your taste.

Fashion Butterfly Logo

fashion butterfly logo

Ribbon Butterfly Logo

ribbon butterfly logo

Abstract Butterfly Logo

abstract butterfly logo1

Floral Butterfly Logo

floral butterfly logo

Feminine Butterfly Logo

feminine butterfly logo

What is also good for selecting a butterfly as a logo is that there are a lot of customization that you can do in terms of its appearance. It will be hard to have the same look of a butterfly that is already associated to one brand.

The following parts and characteristics of a butterfly may be up for certain tweaks so that you can make it your own:

  • The main body of the butterfly
  • The color, structure, texture and design of the wings
  • The butterfly’s antenna
  • The shape and size of the compound eye
  • The overall visuals on how a butterfly is presented.

Though beautiful and has a lot of promise, if you think that a butterfly logo is not for your business, you can look through our photography logos and know if it is what you are exactly looking for.

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