Calendar Icons – 31+ Free PNG, Vector EPS, JPG, AI Format Download

There is little to no doubt at all that icons have revolutionized the digital word. All kinds of utilities and activities and functions have now become symbolized into colorful attractive icons. Our focus for this post is on calendar icons. Be it computer or mobile devices, you will come across a calendar icon lurking everywhere – websites, blogs and logo designs. Calendar icons are hugely popular as logo vectors too. We share with you a list of attractive examples. You can also see popular Calendar icons.

calendra icon

Calendar icons are a great way to create a pictorial representation of calendars. This icons help to establish the ideas that pertain to time or date. There are several patterns in this icon such as calendar icon with long shadow effect, broad outline, solid detailing etc. You can also see Beautiful Website Icons.

Editable Calendar Icon

editable calander

Calendar Icon

calendar icon

Deadline Calendar Icon


Meeting Calendar icon


Event Calendar Icons


Decarative Calendar Icon

decarative calancer

Agenda Calander Icon


Date Calendar Icon Pack

date calendar icon pack

Information Calendar Icons


Reusable Calendar Icons



Fully Editable Dark Calendar Icons Bundle

fully editable dark calendar icons bundle

Flat Design Calendar Icons Download

flat design calendar icons download

Simple Calandar Time Icon

simple calendar time icon

Dark Calendar icons Bundle

dark calendar icons bundle

Calendar Icons With Colorful Background

calendar icons with colorful background

Speech bubbles Calendar Icons

speech bubbles calendar icons

Date And Event Schedule Calendar Icons

date and event schedule calendar icons

Countered Time Calandar Icons Download

countered time calendar icons download

Flat Week Names Calandar Icons Bundle

flat week names calendar icons bundle

Dark Coloured Calendar Icon Download

dark coloured calendar icon download

Plain calendar Icons Bundle

plain calendar icons bundle

Flat Set Of Calendar Icons

flat set of calendar icons

Calendar icons With month Names

calendar icons with month names

Amazing Office Calendar Icons

amazing office calendar icons

Different Web Icons Calendar Bundle Download

different web icons calendar bundle download

Super Cool Calendar Icons Download

super cool calendar icons download

Black Plain Calendar Icons Bundles

black plain calendar icons bundles

Colorful Calendar Icons Download

colorful calendar icons download

Grey Calendar Icons Download

grey calendar icons download

Fully Black Calendar Icons Bundle

fully black calendar icons bundle

High resolution Calendar Icons Download

high resolution calendar icons download

This particular calendar icon is available in different file formats – namely PSD,.png,.svg,.eps. Choose a suitable format, download the icon template and start working on it to create a memorable logo design. It could be used as a product logo or even a company logo, for an outlet which manufactures calendars.You can also see a3 Wall Calendar Package

Calendar icons can be used for free for personal and commercial purposes. It is important that designers pick high resolution free icons for their design projects. This would help you to have calendar icons that would not succumb to quality loss even if you crop or stretch them. Having calendar icon in sets would help graphic artists to have a complete collection in their toolkit. There are several templates of calendar icon that would help you in designing.

> Dark Calendar PSD

This template shows a calendar icon in a dark background which looks really appealing. In this template you can have a green hover or put a click effect that highlights the present day or month.

> Calendar UI and Events

This calendar icon displays a calendar with an events column as well. The event column has a side note pop up which shows all your appointments and coming up events. It has a wonderful UI element that makes it worth a try.

> Glass Calendar

This template looks visually stunning and has a glossy effect to it which gives it an elegant look. This calendar style is found in many high end smart phones. This design calendar icon is worth a try.

> Outdoor UI Calendar

This calendar offers more comprehensive style of icon design and has an impress UI element in its making. It displays the weather conditions, and the date and some little memos on the side bar as well. It is worth giving a shot.

> Realistic Calendar

This template displays a calendar that looks amazingly real and gives the feel of a calendar that hangs around in homes. It has multiple vector layers and has wonderful effects.

> Date Flipper Icon Psd

This template displays a calendar where you can flip the dates and have a minimal yet catchy style of calendar. This template looks very fascinating and free flat calendar icons

> Printable Calendar

This template features a wonderful background that has artistic set up. It displays a wonderful picture in the backdrop and this template is available in multiple resolutions and formats.

> Uses Of Calendar Icon

All these icon styles have a unique theme and proper texture which makes them appeal to the audience. You can use multiple effects like the long shadow effect, unique silhouettes, hollow style or solid detailing for your icons. These icons are used as brand logo by a lot of companies. It is the creativity and simplicity associated with icons that makes them so popular among the general audience. Calendar icons are used in multiple gadgets such as smartphones or computer.

These icons and widgets are helpful to know the date and time of a particular year. Also these icons are used to signify date and time which make it very helpful. These icons are a common thing in most of the applications and websites to select date and time.

If you wish to create your own personalized calendar icon then here are a few ideas on how to create calendar icon.

You can easily create this app in Photoshop but you need to have a clear visualization of what is the end result that you desire. You can sketch of have a prototype of how your calendar icon should look like. You can begin by opening a Photoshop document and fill the background with the layer you want. Now you can select the Rounded Rectangle tool and adjust the radius to around 40 pixels. With the help of this tool you can draw a rounded square shape to display the dates in your calendar. Post this you must add some layers and themes in your calendar.

So now you can go to the layer and the Drop shadow tool and set values for the blend mode, angle, distance, opacity, spread and noise. You can then go the Stroke panel to add certain other parameters such as the position, blend mode set to normal, the colour and the opacity of the icon. Now you can create the pages of the calendar by duplicating the layers and moving the layers up with the help of the up arrow.

You also need to clip the existing layer with regards to the previous one with the help of the tool Create Clipping Mask. This way you can create pages of your calendar. To add some more effects in your calendar you can seek help of the Layer style panel option that will enhance the visual appeal of your freshly created calendar.


  • To add a decorative stretch on your calendar icon you can create a new brush with the brush tool and apply your creativity to have an endearing calendar

Dos and Don’ts

  • After your basic structure of the calendar is ready you can add the date in your icon and do remember to keep the size of the number bigger than the words.
  • Do not forget to clip the layers of the month pages using the Clipping tool while creating the pages of your calendar.