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People nowadays are very much dependent on electricity. With the rise of technology, people and electricity have become inseparable. Who doesn’t need electricity for his or her phone? Who doesn’t need electricity every time you want to heat your food in the microwave? “Electricity is not essential to living,” said no one ever. Our intimate dependence to electricity has built up different uses that are way convenient for humans to use.

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Electric companies or even electric appliances are everywhere, and the need for electricity is spreading wide. More than basic needs, electricity has become more of a product that needs to be bought and paid by people.

If you’re a start-up utilities group or a skilled electrician making his mark in the competitive services industry, these Electrical Logo Designs could help you. Scroll down to see more samples now!

Free Electrical Logo Designs

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Free Electrical Company Logos

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Free Electrical Business Logo Design

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How Electricity Works

Of the million benefits and uses of electricity in your everyday life, do you not pose a question and sometimes think how amazing it is to serve for a lot of purposes. Electricity takes it to another level in your “need list” as it has become undeniable that electricity is referred to as one of the keys for survival.

Imagine how the loss of electricity disables a lot of business and end lives literally and figuratively. The advancement in technology has surely established the notion that there cannot be life without electricity. One concrete example of which is a life support machine. That in itself shows the extraordinary level of independence of humans on machines. More so, the independence of machines on electricity.

Before you dig deeper into how useful electricity is, discover these principles and see how it works:

  • Electrostatics and Coulomb’s Law. The first human to have ever studied electricity was Thales of Miletus. He was a Greek philosopher also known for being one of the “seven wise men” in 600 BC. He first conducted the experiment on electrostatics by rubbing amber with fur. This fossilized tree resin attracts dust, feathers, and other lightweight objects when rubbed with fur. Hence, electrostatics was referred to as the study of stationary electric charges or static electricity.
  • Further experiments done in the 17th century lead to a new discovery regarding electricity. Scientist and physician William Gilbert discovered magnetism and static electricity. These forces at work is only a repeated procedure originally from Thales’s electrostatics.
  • Electricity and atomic structure. The modern era of electricity sparked through the discovery of electrons. In 1897, scientists discovered the existence of electrons that powered automobiles and aircraft. This discovery lead electricity to be far more than just a need in every household. It was also in this era that electrical insulators were introduced. This is a material wherein its internal electric charges are very limited and its electric current flows through electric fields.
  • Generator. This is also another device that shows how electricity works. A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Different sources of energy also work together to become electricity. Most sources include steam turbines, cranks, gas turbines, and a lot more.

These are only some of the many ways of how electricity works. You get to see now a bigger picture of the different processes before there is production and release of electricity.

Check out these downloadable Attractive Electric Store Poster Template and decide on how you go about the design, style, format, and layout of your electric store posters. A unique brand that you could create from these logos also deserves a unique identity.

Sources of Electricity

Do you ever wonder about what are the different sources of why your phone charges up or why any electronic gadget gets to be so dependent on electricity every day? You should know by now that aside from providing light in every household from your lamps down to your chandeliers, electricity also keeps everyone digitally connected.

So among the many perks that you avail from electricity almost every day, you would at least want to know how electricity is generated and where or what exactly could be sources of energy.

Below is a quick list of some sources of electric energy that you should know about:

  • Fossil fuels. Fuel formed by the anaerobic decomposition of dead organisms buried for millions of years.
  • Natural gas. Naturally occurring fuel source from hydrocarbon gas consisting primarily of methane.
  • Solar renewable energy. Energy harnessed by technologies such as solar heating from the radiant heat and light of the sun.
  • Biofuels. Fuels produced by chemically treating crop such as sugar canes, corn, and even water.

Electricity production from these resources has indeed kept people’s lives easier every day. Advertise your electric company using these Electric Store Billboard Mock-ups. and show the world which source of energy your business thrives on. The progress of your business does not only need to have quality services but quality advertising as well.

Know of someone currently looking for a job in the electricity business? Even you yourself could possibly be looking into it right now. Check out these Electrician Resume Templates and go chase that dream job.

Free Electrical Logo Designs

Eco Friendly Electrical Logo Vector


Flash Electrical Logo Vector


Free Electrical 3D Logo

Electrical 3D Logo Design


Free Electrical Letter Logo Design

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Forms of Electric Energy

Here are some facts about the most common forms of electric energy that you should know about. These are forms of electric energy by which electric energy is generated and later on acquired for consumption.

  • Chemical energy. Burning of coal, oil, and natural gas or biomass such as wood are ways of releasing chemical energy. This form of energy generally requires combustion.
  • Thermal energy. A perfect example for this form of energy is energy generated from hot springs. Energy is released through underground heat, combustion of fossil fuels, and different industrial processes.
  • Kinetic energy. This form of energy involves a lot of movement. In different forms of movements like the tides or downstream flows and even the air that makes wind turbines move, these generally make up electricity generated from kinetic energy.
  • Nuclear energy. Electricity is generated from nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy. This is perfectly used in steam turbines that could produce electricity through a nuclear power plant.
  • Solar energy. Energy that’s emitted from the sun can actually be generated into electricity. Common ways to make use of solar energy is through the solar panels. This mainly absorbs the sun’s heat and converts it into electricity. You can also see Free Logo Templates .
  • Rotational energy. Mechanical devices such as flywheels basically provide for energy that can be converted into electricity. A flywheel is a rotating mechanical device that stores energy from its rotating motion. The amount of energy it stores depends on its motion and how much could be converted into actual electric energy.

Free Electrical Energy Logos

Creative Electrical Energy Logo


Green Energy Electric Logo


Free Vintage Electrical Logos

Vintage Electrical Logo Design


Vintage Retro Electrical Logo


Free Electrical Power Logo Designs

Electrical Power Logo Design

Electrical Power Energy Logo

Tips on How to Save Electricity

Now that you’ve read through how costly generating electricity could get, you might as well want to consider conserving energy. You have read through the rigorous process of obtaining energy and you cannot just imagine putting it all to waste. Again, you would know how dependent humans are to electricity from gadgets down to basic needs. It is only appropriate that one does contribute in saving up electricity and be all put to good use.

Here are tips on how you save electricity in your everyday use:

  • Turn off all the unnecessary. It wouldn’t hurt if you just simply turn off the lights when you are not in use. All those unnecessary usage of electricity like a television without anyone watching or your phone that’s fully charged but still plugged on. You could actually save up so much electricity by not paying anything for it at all. You just have to be mindful of what has already been put to good use. That way, you wouldn’t be paying your bills for wasteful practices.
  • Use natural light. You would definitely need so much light in the day if you don’t use thick curtains to cover up your living rooms. It will surely save you a lot of energy if you use natural lighting. This way, you also get to make use of it for an entire day and skip the switches until it’s dark. It doesn’t cost anything at all to make use of natural light.
  • Shorter showers. You do not only save water, you save electric energy most of all. It doesn’t only apply to taking showers, but it could also apply to washing the dishes and doing your laundry. All that involves water also involves electricity since you have to use electricity for your heater. If you shorten your showers and save up water in your chores, you are most likely saving up both water and electricity.
  • Replace old electronics. You do not have to buy a new television or a new computer. Perhaps, you just have to trade in those used-up electronics as this will consume so much electrical energy when in use. Replacing your old electronics once will do you a favor of trimming your bills in quite a long span of time.

Everything is doable and achievable if you are really mindful of how much you spend on electricity consumption alone. Seeing how everything works before you are able to consume electricity as a product will make you think twice of overusing electric energy.

One must know how to make use electricity wisely and that smart electricity consumption will help you save a lot. You cannot only imagine when electricity runs out, you could also suffer the consequences for when electric energy supply is slow and everything is no longer readily available like how you’re consuming it today.

If you’re interested to starting your career in the basic utilities service industry, check out these Electrical Engineering Resume Templates and Electrician Job Description Templates.

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