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21+ Funny Logo Parodies which will Break you in Laughter Today

The logo is a design which is used as a sign, signature, graphic and emblem to distinct it from the other designs. They are designed with utmost care adding a lot of creativity and uniqueness to it. They advertise the company and add brand value to it. In this post, we bring you the funny logo parodies which will make you laugh in the hardest ways. Keep up that happy face and check out this post on funny logo parodies which is getting viral just like your smile. Do not forget to share this post with friends.

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Burger King Logo Parody


Somebody is getting brutally honest with this. Time to count on those fat calories!

Funny LinkedIn Slogan Parody

For all those who connect for no reasons at all. Are we building the professional network?

Funny Starbucks Logo Parody


What is your gut feeling?

Funny SubWay Logo Parody


Did you just made your mind not to go here again?

Fanta Funny Logo Parody 2016


Oh yeah! Can you be more upfront than this!

Funny Food & Beverage Logo Parody


How about a pot tonight?

Funny & Creative Coca-Cola Logo Parody 2016


Where is Lola, did she went to drink Cola?

Clever Logo Parody


The logo says it all.

Funny Famous Logo Parody


YouTube – Cat Videos


To all the pet lovers, life is beyond pet videos.

BMW & Land Rover Logo Parodies


Find the funniest short story with these logo today! Logo Mashed-up!

Ford – Fail

Nescafe – No Coffee


For their best quality.

Carlsberg Beer – Calories


As if we did not knew about it.

Life’s Good – Life’s Tough


Oh yeah! True.

EBay – Say Bye


To all the funny deals up there!

McDonalds – McDiabetes


McDiabetes only if they come with the honest tag line. Are you still loving it?

Pizza Hut – Pizza Slut


Because it makes you an addict. So slutty!

Snickers – Suckers


Yes! please stop over rating it.Suckers!!

To the shut areas!

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98+ FREE & Premium Logo - Download NOW

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