21+ Examples of Ice Cream Logos

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Ice cream franchise is profitable and fun. Many are now trying their hands at it. Ice cream logos are always in demand as these play a significant role in creating a brand identity for ice cream franchises. There are many designers out there creating cool, delicious, and quality logos for the ice cream industry. Here is a wonderful collection of ice cream Restaurant logos for ice cream franchise owners and designers who would like to create these.

Ice Cream Logo Template


This ice cream logo template costs $32. It is resizable, layered, and fully editable. It comes with horizontal and vertical variations. It is a CMYK color coded vector.


Soft Cone Ice Cream Logo Template


Costing $2.80, this clip art vector of soft serve ice cream, ice cream tub, chocolate sundae, and sugar cone is of 300 dpi resolutions. It is a layered PNG file with a Transparent Background.

Black & White Ice Cream Logo Template


This comes as Al-EPS and PSD logo designs. Costing $29, it is editable and resizable. It comes with horizontal and vertical variations. It is CMYK color coded and comes as files.

Cold Ice Cream Logo Template


This ice cream logo features a pink colored stick ice and the slogan “Cold and Delicious.” This freely downloadable vector’s high-resolution version is also available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Lovely Ice Cream Logo Template


You can add your tagline below this logo. It comes as transparent PNG, PSD, AI, and EPS files. It features CMYK color code, 100% scalability, print-readiness, and editable text and color.

Cup Ice Cream Logo Template


This ice cream logo appliqué costs $2.50. You can iron it on t-shirts, clothes, jackets, hats, bags, etc. You can also sew it on to your clothes using hand or machine.

Hand Drawn Vector Ice Cream Logos


Stick Ice Cream Logo Template


Costing $35, this logo template features a choco bar. It is a 100% vector with editable elements. It is also print-ready. It has changeable fonts and CMYK colors. It has 4 color variants.

Variety Ice Cream Logo Template


This template set includes cone ice, ice cream menu, scoops, wooden spoons, smartphone background, ice cream shop home page, etc. This freely downloadable vector’s high-resolution version is also available.

Cone Ice Cream Logo


This ice cream logo illustration is available for free download. It features a cone with three scoops of dripping delicious blue ice cream.

Nice Ice Cream Logo Template


This handmade ice cream logo vector comes in JPG format. It costs $12.95. You can add your slogan and change its colors. It features 300 dpi and is a print-ready template.

Yummy Ice Cream Logo Template


This yummy and colorful ice cream clip art vectors cost $3. These can be used for paper crafts, Photo Album backgrounds, invitations, party packs, digital scrapbooking, party invitations, blog backgrounds, etc.

Cone Ice Cream Logo Template



Infinity Ice Cream Logo Template


This unique ice cream logo in varying shades of pink costs $25. It has both horizontal and vertical versions, and alternative color versions. It comes as Al and EPS files.

Cute Ice Cream Logo Template


This professional ice cream logo costs $15.66. It comes in JPEG and PNG formats. These files have 300 dpi resolutions which make sure that your printed material is of high quality.

New Ice Cream Logo


Dessert Ice Cream Logo Template


This is a vector illustration of retro ice cream poster combining brown, beige, and red colors. This freely downloadable vector’s high-resolution version is also available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Polar Bear Ice Cream Logo Template


Instant Ice Cream Logo Template


Ice Cream Bar Logo Template


Truck Ice Cream Logo


Spicy Cone Ice Cream Logo Template


Ice cream logos fall under the category “food logos”. Apart from being used as logos, these images can also be used for restaurants, hotels, ice cream parlors, paper crafts, digital scrapbooking, Party Invitations, photo album backgrounds, blog backgrounds, invitations, party packs, etc. Designers can gain valuable insights on ice cream logo designing from our collection.

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