42+ Beautiful Party Invitations

It’s customary to send a formal invite to your guests when you want to invite them to your party. Yes, you can always call them up over the phone to inform about your party but then a written invite assures a courteous touch to the overall invitation and any guest would love to be invited formally through party invites. Besides, the party invites are also helpful in confirming the date, time, and venue of the party so that there is no confusion at the end of the day. Check out the below-mentioned Party Invitation Templates for your use.

Simple Graduation Party Invitation Template


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Smple Lunch Invitation Template


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Sample Dinner Party Invitation


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Free Sample Meeting Invitation Template


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Sample Wedding Invitation Template


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Printable Cocktail Party Invitation Template


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Blank Event Invitation Template


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Free Blank Wedding Invitation Template


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Printable Company Picnic Template


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Free Printable Going Away Party Invitation Template


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BBQ Party Invitation Template

BBQ Party Invitation Template

The steaming grilled sausages and the red wok altogether have created the apt picture of a BBQ Party Flyer that would be loved both by you and your guests. There is a classy vintage theme all over.

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Bowling Birthday Party Invitation


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If you are looking for simple and smart Birthday Party Invitations with a retro touch, look no further than this template. It offers space for all the important aspects of the party for the convenience of your guests.

Retro Christmas Party Invitation Template

Retro Christmas Party Invitation TemplateThe beige background is great to churn up the faded vintage feel while the smart use of red here and there brings in the perfect Christmas feel. You have space to include the date, time, venue, and RSVP.

Holiday Party Invitation Template

Holiday Party Invitation TemplateThe red Christmas berries and leaves all over have together brought in the perfect holiday celebration mood to the party invitation template. The navy blue backdrop is suave and elegant.

Retro Wedding Party Invitation Card

Retro Wedding Party Invitation Card

Christmas Birthday Party Invitation Card

Christmas Birthday Party Invitation Card Invitation

> What are the Tips While Creating Party Invitations?

When you are creating a party invitation, first you must consider the subject of the party. Yes, all parties majorly mean gala celebrations but then the portfolio of a Wedding Party Invitation would definitely be different from that of a Christmas party. Then, whatever design you choose, make sure you have enough room to mention the main aspects of the party legibly- these are the time, venue, day, date and the principal party message. It would be great to include the RSVP numbers on the invitation as well. You should also give a hint on what the guests are to expect at your party. For example, if you are going to have both dining and wining, don’t forget to mention that.

Halloween Party Invitation Card

Halloween Party Invitation CardDownload

20th Birthday Party Invitation

First Birthday Party Invitation

> What are the Mistakes to Avoid in Party Invitations?

One of the primary mistakes to avoid in the Party Invitations is wrong spelling or typo issues in the date, time, and venue. These might be minor mistakes but would go a long way in confusing the guests and can even mislead them about the timing and the place of the party. Then, if you have decided on specific dresses for your theme party, do not forget to mention that on your party invite. A lot of people prefer to include photos in the invite. It’s great as long as you are using high-resolution clear crisp photos as otherwise, you will end up ruining the entire invite.

Zombie Party Invitation

Zombie Party InvitationDownload

Retro Party Invitation Template

Retro Party Invitation Template

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Invitation

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party InvitationDownload

Birthday Party Invitation Card Template

Birthday Party Invitation Card Template

Farewell Party Invitation Card

Farewell Party Invitation Card

Ice Princess Party Invitation

Ice Princess Party InvitationDownload

Chalkboard Christmas Party Invitation

Chalkboard Christmas Party InvitationDownload

Printable Party Invitation Template

Printable Party Invitation Template

Printable Birthday Party Invitation Template

Printable Birthday Party Invitation TemplateDownload

Retro Birthday Party Invitation Card Template

Retro Birthday Party Invitation Card Template

Free Birthday Party Invitation Template

Free Birthday Party Invitation TemplateDownload

Cool Party Invitation Template

New Party Invitation TemplateDownload

Free Farewell Party Invitation Template

Free Farewell Party Invitation Template

Graduation Party Invitation Card

Graduation Party Invitation CardDownload

Classy Christmas Party Invitation

Classy Christmas Party InvitationDownload

Gray Birthday Party Invitation

Gray Birthday Party InvitationDownload

Editable Halloween Night Party Invitation

Editable Halloween Night Party InvitationDownload

Summer Party Invitation Template

Summer Party Invitation Template

Kids Birthday Party Invitation

Kids Birthday Party InvitationDownload

Disco Party Invitation

Disco Party InvitationDownload

Editable Christmas Party Invitation

Editable Christmas Party InvitationDownload

Are you looking to create party invitations and seeking ideas? Well, the templates mentioned above are all that you need here as they have come up with beautiful and standard Party Invitations that can be used for a wide range of parties- be it a vintage Christmas party or a hot BBQ invitation.

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