15 Logos We Never Want to see Get Change

The logo is a brand symbol which is recognised by the people. People may forget the name of the brand but the logo has last longing impact on the consumers. The logo is used to differentiate itself from the several present identity. Over the period of time, there have been a lot of changes made in existing logos, preferably in the commercial organisation. They revamp the logo and text but there are 15 logos we never want to see get changed. Have a look. You can also see Free PSD Logos.

logos we never want to see change

Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox

Mozilla firefox has made it’s marked with its logo. You can’t forget the logo even in your deep sleep. It is a logo with which we all have grown and would never want it to be changed.



Penguin is a publishing house and it is a global brand selling the best of books and novels. The logo of the penguin has remained the same and holds a good public recognition. Although the patterns of the publication have changed but we love the logo as it is.



We all use WhatsApp to interact with our friends and family. This application is now taken over by facebook. The WhatsApp has been changing with the technological up gradation but its logo has been the same except the size of the logo.



McDonald’s is the fast food chain across the globe. It has been serving us since we were a child. We all have memories fixed with this delicious food chain. We are in love with this bold colorful logo and would never want this to get changed.



Ford is the other world famous brand which is exceptionally good for the kind of products it produced. The quality is appreciable and so is the logo. This logos is amazingly unique and worth a keep. Isn’t?



The logo of the Pepsi has evolved in the year but it has always been related. The font has been similar and much appreciated.



We have grown up with Disney and it has remained first love for many of us. The logo itself take us to a lighter world or childhood which is filled with joy and memories.

Google Plus


We all love Google plus for its services. We chat, she pictures, connects and hangout at Google plus. The symbol of Google speak happiness and we love it for the way it is.

Twitter Orange

twitter orange



BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG)

bmw bayerische motoren werke ag

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

kfc kentucky fried chicken






coca cola

Agree? These were the 15 logos we never want to see get changed no matter what. We relate so much to these logos that it has become a part of our lives now. See this Online Logo Generators.

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