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How much do we recycle? Well, according to nonprofit organization Planet Aid, only 1 percent of the urban population or 15 million people in developing countries recycle waste to survive. The country with the highest recycling rate is Austria, recycling 63 percent of their waste from landfills. Most developing countries even don’t have proper waste management system.

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Recycle your goods and help save the environment with our recycle logo designs for your environmental organization, Earth Day celebrations, and green campaigns. Show your audience how they can reduce their carbon footprint by reducing trash. Use our eye-catching free PSD logos below and customize them to meet your preferences.

Modern Recycle Logo

royal recycle logoDownload


Green Recycle Logo

green recycle logoDownload


Eco Recycle Logo

eco recycle logoDownload


Fresh Recycle Logo Decal

fresh recycle logo decal1Download


Free Recycle Logo

free recycle logo 1Download


The Three Rs

We can minimize landfills and its effects on our soil and our health through reusing, reducing, and recycling. These are ways in which we can help reduce our waste and our carbon footprint:

  • Giving away old clothes. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” they say. So instead of dumping your clothes, organize a garage sale or donate them to the less privileged.
  • Avoiding leftovers. Most buffet restaurants and hotels are practicing the “no leftover” policy in order to minimize waste. I think it’s great to bring this practice at home also.
  • Eating the right food. Eating the right food will not only make your mind and body healthy, it can also decrease nonbiodegradable and infectious wastes that pollute the soil and air.
  • Purchasing goods with recyclable packages. Grocery items that are in jars or reusable bags and baskets are better than buying a plastic bag of chips or cookies in an aluminum pouch. Make sure to buy your fruits and veggies in bulk as well so you don’t end up generating more waste at home.
  • Avoiding plastic bottles. Plastic bottles pose great danger to the environment, especially if they are thrown in bodies of water, which can harm species of fish. Plastic bottles contain chemicals that can be toxic when in its decaying process.

Spread awareness on these steps to minimize waste with our green logos that comes in different styles.

Eco Recycle Logo

tree recycle sign2Download


Green Recycle Logo

tree green recycle logo 3Download


Recycle Paper Logo

paper logo of recycleDownload


Blue Recycle Logo

arrows recycle logoDownload


Creative Recycle Logo

creative recycle logoDownload


Recycle for Life

Recycling not only benefits the environment, but it can also benefit you as an individual. Here we share to you some of the benefits of recycling:

  • Livelihood opportunities. Recycling trash generates income for some individuals. Trash can be turned into new products like notebooks, linens, and other native products then sold to commercial establishments.
  • Cash generation. There are countries that offer cash benefits to those who recycle. Individuals or groups collecting used bottles, newspaper, and aluminum can get paid by recycling centers and the government.
  • Money savings. Having your own waste disposal system in your backyard cuts down cost for tipping garbage truck drivers and buying garbage bags. You can even make money from it by inviting your neighbors to throw their trash in your waste disposal system.
  • Energy savings. You can save up to 95 percent of energy when you recycle aluminum cans because energy produced in making those cans or raw materials are similar to using a light bulb for four hours. The longer you do this, the more energy you save on a larger scale.

Aside from reducing and recycling waste, you can also help residents and commercial buildings reduce their energy consumption. You can make use of our electrical logos to symbolize energy conservation. Check out more posts on our website for more eco-friendly logos.

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