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Receipt Template – 209+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download!

A receipt is an important document that certifies that the payment has been received and authorizes the payee to use the goods or services. If you don’t know how to create a proper receipt format, an online receipt template would be really handy for you. The virtual world offers a series of such template like rent receipt template, receipt template for sale, daycare services and so on.

94+ FREE RECEIPT Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Sheets (Spreadsheets), Apple (MAC) Numbers, Adobe Illustrator (AI)

General Receipt Template to Edit


Simple Official Receipt


Receipt Word Template to Print


Blank Receipt Template in Word


Sales Receipt Template


Tax Receipt Template in Word


Sample Restaurant Receipt Template


Sample Hotel Receipt Template


Taxi Receipt Template in Word


Contractor Receipt Template in Google Docs


Sample Construction Receipt Template


Donation Receipt Template in Word


Rent Receipt Template in Google Docs


Delivery Receipt Template in Word


Deposit Receipt Template in Google Docs


Medical Receipt Template in iPages for Mac


Daycare Receipt Template in Word


Blank Receipt Template in Google Docs


Sample Receipt Template in iPages


Car Sale Receipt Template in Word


Receipt for Goods or Services Template


School Fee Receipt Template


>Itemized Receipt Template

Goods which are bought from the vendor by the customer are listed under the category of itemized receipt template. Various receipts have to be collected by you from the customers if you are a vendor. It does not take much of your time when you already have the blue print by your side.[6+ Itemized Receipt Templates]

> Receipt Book Template

Receipt book is the common bulk of blank receipts seen in local stores that do not use any computerized billing machine. It has dual or triple copy in which the seller writes the quantity of the product and the payment given by the buyer. The original copy will be kept safe by the seller while the other part is for the buyer.[6+ Receipt Book Templates]

> Money Receipt Template

Money receipt template is the printed paper every time a business receives cash as payment for all the products or services that a customer used or bought, the business stall give a copy of it to their customers. Many establishments had this for balancing the income and expenses of their business especially when having their periodic financial audit.[10+ Money Receipt Templates]

> Service Receipt Template

Service receipt template is the written acknowledgement thatcompensation was received as payment for the service given to a client. Today, it is commonly known  as professional fee in which a skilled or a certified individual gives their labor to a client in which in return pays the laborer for the specified service needed, it may or may not be included in the package of deal that a business stall offer to their customers.[9+ Service Receipt Templates]

> Electronic Receipt Template

Electronic receipt template is given to customers as receipts after buying an appliances or gadget to an electronic store, it can be also use as payment for services offering electronic or appliances repair or maintenance. Usually it has the basic details of the product or service in which the amount for each item is printed for summation of payment by the customer.[8+ Electronic Receipt Templates]

>Tax Receipt Template

Tax receipt template is the total revenue of a business stall imposed as fiscal report in which all deductible expenses, miscellaneous fees or extra payment is not included It sums up  all the assets and profit of a business in a specified period , usually used in assessing the tax that must be paid by a business establishment within a fiscal period.[6+ Tax Receipt Templates]

> Dental Receipt Template

Dental receipt template is the written acknowledgment of payment from a patient to his or her dentist after undergoing a procedure with them based into their request or condition. Nowadays it is basically the cost of package deal given by dentists to their patients to have a better outlook in disbursing the service required for them.[5+ Dental Receipt Templates]

> Plumbing Receipt Template

Plumbing receipt template involves many kinds of payments for service or products when it comes to water system may it be in house, public places or any private property. Customers will be given a particular item or service based into their request, in which they are given with this piece of paper for them to reimburse that demanded item from the plumber.[8+ Plumbing Receipt Templates]

> Contractor Receipt Template

Contractor receipt template is the itemized or summarized services and agreements between a hired contractor and the customer along with its corresponding price  . It keeps the record of all the items and job rendered for a specific task in which the customer is obliged to settle all that are utilized to complete a specific task.[10+ Contractor Receipt Templates]

> Construction Receipt Template

Construction receipt template is the final payment given by a service provider or a construction company to their client to all the transactions and expenses done in finishing the desired assembly of their clients, commonly composed of different sets of services and items used in the process of finishing the end product requested by the client with appropriate payment for it.[7+ Construction Receipt Templates]

> Donation Receipt Template

Donation receipt template is the record of payment or offering given by a donor to charitable organizations. It is used by donors to have a deduction to their income tax return if the charitable organization that they help is qualified for the tax deduction. Donor must keep this for future reference and record for any transaction.[9+ Donation Receipt Templates]

> Rent / Rental Receipt Template

If you have got tenants in your house, you would have to offer them rent receipts when they pay their due rent every month. In case, you want help in creating these receipts, go for an online rent receipt template that will extend a readymade and customizable rent receipt structure for you. [9+ Rental Receipt Templates] [9+ Rent Receipt Templates]

> Sales Receipt Template

Every store must stay ready with sales receipts which would needed when customers pay the agreed amount. If you have to makes sales receipts for your store, take to online sales receipt template samples that will extend a readymade & easily modifiable structure. These receipt templates can be downloaded for free.[8+ Sales Receipt Templates]

> Delivery Receipt Template

A delivery receipt is the document which is offered to a customer when he receives and pays the agreed amount for a shipment. If you have to create such receipts for your clients, you can get help from the delivery receipt template samples online which arrive with a pre-designed structure- so that you don’t have to create anything from scratch.[9+ Delivery Receipt Templates]

> Restaurant Receipt Template

Restaurant receipts are offered to customers when they pay their bills for the food ordered. Do you run a restaurant and would need to draft several such receipts? Well, you can make the process easier by taking to an online restaurant receipt template that comes with readymade & easily customizable receipt structure.[5+ Restaurant Receipt Templates]

> Hotel Receipt Template

If you run a hotel, you would have to stay ready with hotel receipts for your customers as they pay the agreed charge. In case you need help in creating such receipts within short time, a hotel receipt template available online would be handy for you- with its readymade & easy-to-customize structure.[7+ Hotel Receipt Templates]

> Invoice Receipt Template

Invoice receipt is the receipt offered to clients from vendors in lieu of payment made according to the invoice bill. If you don’t know how to create such a receipt, an online invoice receipt template would be helpful with its pre-defined and easily modifiable structure- that will relieve you from creating the entire thing from scratch.[8+ Invoice Receipt Templates]

> Taxi Receipt Template

A taxi receipt is the receipt which is offered to passengers by the driver when they pay him the due fare. If you have to create taxi receipts and you are looking for help, the smarter way is to take to the online taxi receipt template samples that appear with a readymade and easily customizable structure.[7+ Taxi Receipt Templates]

> Business Receipt Template

Do you have to create business receipts and you are running short of time? Well, you can make the process way easier by option for online business receipt template samples that will extend a readymade structure for you- so that you don’t have to create the entire thing from scratch.[7+ Business Receipt Templates]

> Deposit Receipt Template

A deposit receipt is offered when somebody deposits cash, say in a bank. If you have to create deposit receipts for customers and you have no time to draft the entire thing from scratch- the readymade & easily modifiable deposit receipt template samples online would be really helpful for you.[9+ Deposit Receipt Templates]

> Medical Receipt Template

Medical receipts are offered to patients by clinics in lieu of the medical services undertaken. If your clinic needs to draft such receipts, you can take to an online medical receipt template that will help you with a pre-defined and modifiable receipt structure which is free to download as well.[7+ Medical Receipt Templates]

> Daycare Receipt Template

Do you offer daycare services? Well, then you would have to extend receipts to the parents as they pay you their due. In case you need help in creating standard daycare receipts, browse through the readymade and easily modifiable daycare receipt template samples online that are even free to download.[5+ Daycare Receipt Templates]

> Blank Receipt Template

You can avail blank receipt template of all kinds be it sales or delivery or details about rent. For first timers, blank receipt template is ideal. You can use the presets which are available and even modify it according to your wishes with the given format that is available. Readymade template saves time.[9+ Blank Receipt Templates]

> Sample Receipt Template

Are you running a store or an agency? With sample receipt template you can easily create a number of templates with different categories be it concerning with rent, delivery and deposit. You do not have to add specific data when you are making a sample receipt since it can be more in the form of a blank template.[6+ Sample Receipt Templates]

> Car Sale Receipt Template

Dealer seeks car sale receipt when the new owner of the car purchases the car. It acts as a certificate which makes the work convenient and full proof at the same time. You can also make car sale receipt template for your own dealership. The task is completed easily within the set parameters.[6+ Car Sale Receipt Templates] You will get a readymade receipt structure here which you can easily customize with your own data. As you would have a pre-structured receipt format, you will save lots of time and energy by not having to draft an entire receipt from scratch.

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