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Medical receipt is offered to every patient who visits a clinic and goes through some medical services like tests, checkup and so on. If you have to create several medical receipts for your clinic and you want to know about the right format, you can always go for a medical Invoice Receipt Templates available over the web. Most of the times, you will find them free of cost.

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Editable Official Medical Receipt Template Free Download

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Perfect for the health providers, the Medical Invoice Receipt Template Doc Free Download are generally created on excel where the details of the product and the cost as well as the discount are listed along with the total charge.

Printable Medical Receipt Template PDF Download

Create the Printable Medical Receipt Template PDF Download with the patient's name and date along with the description of the service on the receipt, the card number, address, payment method, and signature

Medical Supply Receipt PDF Download

Easily made on the PDF format, the Medical Supply Receipt PDF Download mentions about the cost and the date of equipment along with its description, number of units purchased, amount, and total cost incurred.

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With the logo on the header, the Medical Services Receipt PDF Free Download has the name and the detailed contact information along with the rules and regulations of the particular health-providing organization.

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Make the Best Medical Receipts with Medical Receipt Templates!

A medical receipt is used by medical offices and doctors alike. It resembles a cash receipt in many ways, but has been specifically designed to suit the needs of a medical office. If it is being used for consultation purposes, it states the purpose of the visit, the observations and so on. Otherwise, it simply lists all the drugs and the total amount in an organized manner.

The Various Uses of Medical Receipts

A medical receipt has been designed for usage by medical offices or providers of goods and services related to health and medicine. While buying medicines and other similar items from the store, you must have come across a cash receipt that is handed over at the end of the purchase. Well, that is a medical receipt! The medical bill receipt is used by medical offices to keep a track of the items sold to customers. A medical bill or cash receipt is one of the most crucial documents if you own a medical office or are a provider of goods and services. You may also see Doctor Receipt Templates

Why is A Medical Receipt Necessary?

A medical receipt is necessary for a number of purposes. A medical office, more than other businesses, needs to be run while maintaining a code of decorum and discipline. You don’t want your customers to take advantage or misuse the drugs you sell, do you? A medical receipt will serve as a record. This record is also a must for taxation and inspection, which happens at regular intervals. If you don’t want to find yourself in the bad books of the inspectors, you must keep a record of the receipts.

How you want your receipt to look is entirely up to you. You can easily take the help of a medical bill sample available online while designing your receipt.

How to Write a Medical Receipt?

While writing a medical receipt, you must be cautious so as to not make mistakes. For example, if you are creating a receipt for consultation, your medical receipt will contain the diagnosis code, the date of visit and the timing, consultation and the total amount. Other kinds of cash receipts will contain the receipt number, the date, amount received, cheque or money order number and so on. If you want to avoid missing out on important data, just look up a medical bill format online! You may also see Hotel Receipt Template

Tips for Writing Medical Receipts

While creating your very own medical receipt, you might want to keep the following tips in mind-

  • First, make a list of all that you want in your receipt- the date, the amount, the rates, the receipt number and so on and so forth. Once you have done that, you can easily pick a template and customize it.
  • You must include your details in the receipt. Vendor’s details like name of the seller, his address and contact details, the name of the manager of the store and other particulars must be mentioned.
  • Product details are important. Drugs or other medical apparatus are not a matter of joke, and must be taken seriously. You must keep sufficient space for these descriptions.
  • The whole point of a medical receipt is to state the amount. You must break down the total amount into tax, original price, labor charges et cetera.

Different Types of Medical Receipts

Some common type are-

  • A Receipt of Payment- This is a cash receipt used only to state the amount.
  • Sales Receipt- This is provided by a store and serves as proof of purchase.
  • Consultation Receipt – This is issued after consulting with a doctor, and contains details of the consultation.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be organized in your manner of presentation
  • Use templates to create receipts


  • Don’t miss out important details
  • Don’t forget to include signatures.

We Are Here to Help!

We know how tough creating a medical receipt can be, especially since it is an integral part of the medicine industry. But don’t worry, just look up some medical receipt templates on for a wide range of options.

A medical receipt template offers a readymade receipt blueprint saving you from the hassle of drafting everything from scratch. You would simply need to download a suitable Receipt Templates and modify it as per the details of your clinic in designated boxes.


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