21+ Handmade Wedding Invitation Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download!

Although on most of the occasions, people do make the best usage of pre-defined templates and majestic themes to give shape to their wedding invitation cards, but the best ones out of them are handmade. Handmade wedding templates offer the maximum level of sophistication and customization in the theme and look & feel of the template as compared to any other template.You can also see vintage wedding invitation templates.

handmade wedding invitation feature template

These wedding invitation templates can be designed and crafted out of many objects depending upon the imagination of the designer – be it feathers, thermocol and others. For design purpose, they can make use of PSD imagery with fine artistic skills such as embroidery etc. to suit the occasion.

Engraved Wood With Handmade Wedding Invitation

engraved wood with handmade wedding invitation Make your wedding invitation extra special with engraving it on wood with the help of this engraved wood with handmade wedding invitation template. The engraving can be done with a level of finesse which will attract all your invitees.

Royal Disney Princess Scroll Wedding Handmade Invitation

royal disney princess scroll wedding handmade invitation If you have been a Disney fan since your childhood and have always wanted a wedding like one of those Disney princesses, invite your family and friends in the same manner with this royal Disney princess scroll wedding handmade invitation.

Handmade Wedding Invitations With Fuchsia Ribbon

handmade wedding invitations with fuchsia ribbon

Unique Personalized Handmade Wedding Invitation Template

unique personalized handmade wedding invitation template Ask your family and friends to join you in the celebrations of your big day by inviting them to the wedding in a very unique manner. Use this unique personalized handmade wedding invitation theme to enthrall all your near and dear ones.

Seaside Rustic Handmade Wedding Invitation

seaside rustic handmade wedding invitation There’s a thing about sailing and ships and all the charms of the sea. If your wedding is going to be by the sea, or even better, on a cruise, tell all about it to your family and friends using this seaside rustic handmade wedding invitation card.

Rustic Burlap Handmade Wedding Invitation

rustic burlap wedding invitation invitation Send out your wedding invitations in a stylish manner with the help of this rustic burlap handmade wedding invitation theme that has a rustic and classical charm about itself.

Faded Ivory Handmade Wedding Invitation

faded ivory handmade wedding invitations

Use this wedding invitation theme and in the beautiful colours of ivory, write your own personalized messages to your family and friends and ask them to join you as you celebrate a new beginning of your life with someone you love.

Groom Suit Handmade Wedding Invitation

groom suit handmade wedding invitations Your wedding is going to be stylish and chic and so it would only be fair when you send out your invitations in the same manner. Use this groom suit handmade wedding invitation theme and ask your friends and family to join you in your wedding celebrations in utmost style.

Handmade Wedding Invitations Made Of Paper Template

handmade wedding invitations made of paper template Make your wedding invitations extra special and extra beautiful with the help of this handmade wedding invitations made of paper and add a customized touch to the invitations that you send out to your near and dear ones.

Simple Handmade Wedding Invitation Template

simple handmade wedding invitations template

Wedding invitation Handmade Unique Glitter Template

wedding invitations handmade unique glitter template

Handmade Wedding Card On A Gray background

handmade wedding card on a gray background

Handmade Gold Ivory Rose Wedding Invitation

handmade gold ivory rose wedding invitation

Personalised Handmade Gate Fold Wedding Invitation

personalised handmade gate fold wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations Made By Handmade

wedding invitations made by handmade

Elegant Simple Handmade Wedding Invitations

elegant simple handmade wedding invitations

Elegant Round Gatefold Wedding Invitation Handmade Template

elegant round gatefold wedding invitation handmade template

Handmade Cheque Book Wedding Invitation

handmade cheque book wedding invitation

Handmade Wedding Invitation with Damask Pattern And Satin Ribbon

handmade wedding invitation with damask pattern and satin ribbon

Simple Sunflower Handmade Wedding Invitation Template

simple sunflower handmade wedding invitation template

Sailboat Handmade Wedding Invitations Templates

sailboat handmade wedding invitations templates The best of the things come in the smallest of packages they say. Go small and stylish with your wedding invitations. Make your wedding invitations look a tad extra special and beautiful with the help of the sailboat handmade wedding invitation theme.

The love Story Wedding Invitation By Handmade

the love story wedding invitation by handmade

Handmade Paper Wedding Invitation With Heart shape

handmade paper wedding invitation with heart shape