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Wooden design are actually pretty common options for invitations, business cards, or any type of marketing material. They are just not a top pick for consumers due to the negative presumption that the design is intimidating to work with and are hard for people to appreciate and relate to.

With this article, we show you how fun it is to incorporate this design into your invitations with our wooden Party Invitation Templates. All our templates are easy for you to add in your images and texts to make truly personalized invitations. And the best part is, all our templates are free! So you can produce as many invitations as you wish, even in the comfort of your own home.

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DIY Wooden Invitation

diy wooden invitation1 Download

Wooden Wedding Invitation

wooden wedding invitation Download

Christening Wooden Invitation

christening wooden invitation Download

Wooden Birthday Invitation

wooden invitation for dinner Download

Baby Shower Wooden Invitation

baby shower wooden invitation Download

Different Types of Wooden Invitation Templates

All the invitation templates on our site are easy to personalize, plus you get real time previews of your invitations. Check out these Elegant Invitation Templates all with the wooden design:

  • DIY Wooden Invitation. For wooden invitations in any shape and size, there is a whole group of options that you can choose from in this template. These templates mainly come in blank, giving you the opportunity to customize the text and allowing you to incorporate your own images.
  • Wooden Wedding Invitation. If your wedding consists of the outdoors, this wedding invitation template will work best. Wooden invitations are not new in the design arena but are still uncommonly used. These templates are sure to evoke a very down-to-earth, relaxed, and unique wedding vibe.
  • Christening Wooden Invitation. Show your innovation and love of design even with the invitations for a baby’s christening. This event only happens once in a lifetime and deserves every bit of thought into its invitation as well.
  • Wooden Birthday Invitation. For celebrants who have a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, this wooden birthday invitation template will definitely suit the guest of honor.

Retirement Wooden Invitation

retirement wooden invitation Download

Bridal Shower Wooden Invitation

bridal shower wooden invitation Download

Rehearsal Dinner Wooden Invitation

rehearsal dinner wooden invitation Download

Wooden Invitation for Dinner

wooden invitation for dinner1 Download

Pool Party Wooden Invitation

pool party wooden invitation Download

A Whole Lot More Wooden Invitation Templates

When you want to venture out from the usual invitation template designs, these templates are excellent to get you on that track. Wooden designs are used commonly by individuals who are picky and meticulous about the materials that they add but are looking for discriminate and unforgettable designs. If you are looking for more invitation templates with the same characteristics, we have more for you here:

  • Baby Shower Wooden Invitation. Wooden design can also evoke a very youthful and innocent feel with this light-colored wood invitation for a baby shower.
  • Retirement Wooden Invitation. Dark wood is always associated with depth and maturity, so this invitation template should reflect the maturity and wealth of experience of the party’s guest of honor.
  • Bridal Shower Wooden Invitation. For brides with a rustic, down-home theme to her party, this bridal shower wooden invitation will be perfect for the event.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Wooden Invitation. For couples who are hosting a very casual and folksy rehearsal dinner, this invitation template will be perfect to appeal to guests to attend.
  • Pool Party Wooden Invitation. Pool parties will be given more style and personality with an invitation of this design.

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