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For whatever business you’re creating, nobody ever needs to question why you would need an animal in your logo design. So why not cats? A cat’s form is naturally majestic and near perfect in every way. Its silhouette is unmistakably feline that anyone could recognize it right away.

Logos are meant to be simple and clear and easy to mentally associate quickly with your business. A cat’s reputation and public image might give your business the kind of personality it needs to be memorable and familiar to everyone who can see it. That’s what these logo designs are for, gathered from around the web for you to have your pick of the litter.

Black Cat Logo

black cat logo Download

Cartoon Cat Logo

cartoon cat logo Download

Music Cat Logo

music cat logo


Cat Face Logo

cat face logo Download


Cat Pawing & Apple Logo

cat pawing apple logo Download

Potential Cat Logos for Business

In this article are over 10 cat logos that you can use for your business or organization, each one easy to download and customize to better suit your needs.

  1. One black cat logo is sleek, smooth, and simple in its form. If cats can be seductive, this is it.
  2. Cartoon cats have definitely been around the block a few times. One cat logo has a very retro feel, very reminiscent of ’90s cartoons.
  3. With the right amount of whimsy in it, you can almost picture the cat with a posse of children running after his music and singing in another logo here.
  4. Another logo in this article conveys the cat’s power and self-assurance.
  5. Parodying Apple a bit, one logo shows beautiful contrast (black on light background) and play of colors. Simple and classy.
  6. Cats may not be known for heroism, but another logo boasts the cat’s reliability.
  7. A black-and-white design of a popular meme proves that a simple and clean design goes a long way.
  8. A simple blue cat silhouette logo for the finer things in life.
  9. A cat-food logo can be so adorable with its little paw raised up.
  10. Another cat silhouette logo—secretive and inscrutable is what this logo seems to be all about.

If you’re a lover of animals in general and you need less cat logos, we offer a huge collection of other high-resolution animal logos for more templates you can download for free or license for a modest fee.

Vector Cat Logo

vector cat logo Download

Grumpy Cat Logo

grumpy cat logo Download

Cat Company Logo

cat company logo Download

Cat Food Logo

cat food logo Download

Kitty Cat Logo

kitty cat logo Download

A Purrfect Combination

Businesses have a long history of using animals on their logos to give a sense of familiarity and friendliness with potential customers. We see them every day and all around, and cats are one of the most common animals used in logos.

With its easily recognizable shape, cat silhouettes in various logos and similar artworks are some of the most common variations of cat-themed logos in successful and thriving businesses. And with the kind of independent and curious mind-set cats are known for, your business can be associated with those traits as well. The cat logos listed in this article are easy to customize and reproduce. With the right implementation, any of these logos are a boon to your business.

Why Not Dogs?

Cats are not the only household pet everyone loves. Do you want to show friendship, reliability, and protection in your logo? Then dogs are your answer. Dogs are with us every step of the way, friendly in a way that only humans understand, and are considered members of families all over the world.

They guard our homes, they play with our children, and they are the quintessential symbol of loyalty. There is no other pet we trust more than dogs. And that trust can be called upon with a catchy, simple, straightforward dog logo. Browse through our gallery of dog logos and see if any of them catches your eye.

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