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9+ Panda Logos

Every company or institution must design a logo. A company’s logo design plays an integral and essential element of a company’s brand and reputation. In selecting a logo design, one must be keen because it is one factor that customers pay attention the most. A study conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research says that logo designs create a powerful impact to customers. Even the logo’s shape and design can mean something.

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Panda logo designs are becoming quite popular because of its eco-friendly and nature-like vibe. Consumers always associate them with the environment and the importance of the panda species’s survival. Check out our downloadable panda logo designs that will help you project a positive impression of your company.

Jolly Panda Logo

Mad Panda Logo

Kung Fu Panda Karate Logo

Cute Hand-Drawn Panda Logo

Sad Panda Logo

Why Companies Use Animal Logos

Animals logos are popular among certain companies and brands, such as Twitter, Firefox, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc., because logos are easy to remember to consumers. Through specific animal logos, potential new customers may also get an idea what products and services certain companies or brands offer.

Most core values and principles of companies are anchored on the characteristics of certain animal logos. For example, a butterfly symbolizes freedom (MSN), while using a bird logo, a brand copies the quick manner in which birds communicate with one another (Twitter). Check out our category of downloadable and easily editable animal logos with various colors and designs you can choose from for your business or personal use.

Why Use Our Panda Logos?

Like most of our collections, the panda logos in this article are free to download, or you can license them for a modest fee. They are editable and come in various formats, so changing sizes and resolutions to match your needs no longer becomes an issue.

The panda logos we offer in this article come in various styles such as Jolly Panda logo, Mad Panda, Kung Fu Panda–like karate logo, and cute hand-drawn panda logos, among an impressive multitude.

Company with Panda Logo

Baby Panda Face Template logo

Gamer Panda Logo

Panda Logo for Company

Sign a Panda Logo

For Comedic Effect

Companies make use of good logos to project professionalism to their clients and potential new customers. However, companies risk themselves into becoming too serious and may risk losing their patrons.

Our wide array of funny logo designs will help curb this epidemic! Check our collection of funny logo designs, download them for your use, and rake in the laughs! We are sure these will make you giggle out loud!

Make Your Logo Stand Out

Most funny logos are parodies of famous company logos, cleverly using wordplay to create funny twists to it. Panda logos can also be funny, especially when cute little baby pandas are used.

Here are some tips to add a funny twist to your logos and make them stand out from the rest:

  • The logo is your company’s statement. It must present your company to the public in a way that makes it memorable.
  • Short and sweet is the way. Be concise. Use proper wording and avoid being too wordy.
  • Make it fresh and simple. Your logo design must be one of a kind.
  • Make it relevant and timeless. Your logo design should be up-to-date and cope with the changing times.
  • The logo’s elements must be in harmony. The elements must create a short story in the minds of your consumers.

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