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Suppose you run a pet store, an animal shelter, a veterinary clinic, or a pet groomer’s. You want to showcase a mutual love and respect for animals that you share with your potential clients. A graphic designer for your company’s logo will tell you that, without a great logo design, it is hard to be taken seriously. The logo shows in as compact a form possible everything your company stands for and aims to achieve. Naturally, you’ll want something furry, something cute, something representative.

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If you’re not sure where to start in designing your pet-themed logo, this collection of great PSD Logo ideas is the place to go.

Pet Grooming Logo

pet grooming logo

Pet Sitting Logo

pet sitting logo

Pet Photography Logo

pet photography logo

Pet Products Logo

pet product logo

Pet Food Logo

pet food logo

Pet Shop Logo

pet shop logo

How to Design a Great Pet Logo

In this portfolio of the most effective pet logo templates around, we have found something for every slant and personality. A love for animals and dedication to serving them and their owners is the only common element. The rest is creatively distinct to give you a great range of options.

Feel free to download these templates either as a base for your own design (customizable, if you have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator) or as an inspirational reference image.

Note the different, artful aspects each sample offers in their designs:

  • The Pet Grooming Logo is perfect for a pet groomer’s going for a clean, professional, and memorable effect. It utilizes the classic paw print logo and a duo-tone theme in warm colors.
  • The Pet Sitting Logo is an interesting example of a cross between a Hunting Logo and a Geometric Animal Logo and is versatile and symbolic enough to serve more than a pet store. You can imagine clothing retail stores using this.
  • The Pet Photography Logo does everything a good commercial photography studio wants, with that unmistakable paw print that narrows down its clientele effectively to the furry members of the family. Also check out the Pet Business Logo and the Pet Store Logo for cool business card ideas.

Pet Care Logo

pet care logo

Pet Business Logo

pet business logo

Pet Services Logo

pet services logo

Pet Salon Logo

pet salon logo

Pet Store Logo

pet store logo

Pet Company Logo

pet company logo

  • Running a manufacturer-retailer of pet supplies? The Pet Products Logo gains customer trust with the playful kitten logo, baby blue theme, and cute font. Using such a logo shows that you appreciate and care about the overall well-being of your customer’s pets.
  • Selling cat and dog food? The Pet Food Logo is a perfect minimalist yet unforgettable option using a healthy plump 8-figure silhouette made from a dog’s face and the lid of a wet-food can.
  • Want to welcome all manner of cats and dogs to your store? The Pet Shop Logo is unmistakably warm and celebratory; pet owners will immediately sense your dedication and know their pets will be well taken care of here.
    • Bonus tip: Consider even hiring a professional pet photographer to take pictures of your favorite clients (with permission) for your own unique logo/portfolio.
  • Use the Pet Care Logo as an example for a professional yet caring approach to designing Animal Logos for veterinary hospitals and clinics. The soothing shapes and colors instantly convince pet owners that their dogs and cats are in good hands.

The rest of the examples are expertly conceived to use classic motifs we identify with pets (paw prints, dog bones, cat, and dog silhouettes) and are versatile enough to serve any kind of industry serving our furry friends.

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