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10+ Shipping Logo Designs & Templates – PSD, PNG, Vector EPS

Nothing in your company profile stands out as much and as immediately as your brand name and logo. Effective brand images routinely use the elements of their everyday business in their logo designs: it’s all about relevance and representation. Shipping and cargo companies are lucky in this respect. The primary “anchor” images for such an industry revolve around ships and the ocean, and there are as many ways to design these elements as there are waves.
If you’re looking for some inspiration, this collection of PSD Logo samples can very well be your port of vision.

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Shipping Global Logos

Sailing Ship Logo

Shipping Wall Logos

Shipping Company Logos


Free Shipping Cruise Logo

Shipping Logo Vector

The Principles of Designing a Remarkable Shipping Logo

It’s all about the elements you combine and the presentation of this combination.

  • Make it unforgettable. This doesn’t mean ripping off the Titanic. But it does mean having a distinct design that helps you stick out in the minds of your clients. Easier said? The rest of these principles and you will have a good chance of making your logo a great catch.
  • Make it simple. This relates to the idea of being unforgettable. Not only will a simple design be forced to say and portray a lot in a few lines, few words, and few colors, but it will also by its simplicity be easier for the viewer to remember. Simple is powerful; simple is memorable.
  • Make it timeless. Your company already has an advantage: what is more timeless than the ocean and people traversing it?
  • Make it versatile. This means it has to be able to translate well across different mediums—whether it’s flashed on a screen, printed on a business card, painted on the side of shipping containers, or anywhere else. Naturally, a simple, timeless, distinct design will work best.
  • Make it appropriate. To better illustrate this idea: Compass Logos for reliable shipping companies would be more appropriate than using a Pirate Logo, no matter how attractive and professionally designed this pirate logo is.

All these sample logos follow these principles. All that’s left for you to do, then, is finding the one that represents you best.

Shipping Logo Design

Shipping Agency Logo


Shipping Navy Logo

Mysterious Shipping Logo

Business Shipping Logo

The Shipping Logo Design

These samples are helpful in that they illustrate the concepts of good design excellently:


A distinct, recognizable shape relevant to the industry. Your basic option is the silhouette of a water vessel. Consider the Free Shipping Cruise Logo and the different angles of the ship you can use. Note the different kinds of ships as well, the higher restriction on detail for a more streamlined and fluid look.


A Corporate Logo will generally use its theme colors, limited to 1-3 colors. Blue is the most common option and so a design such as the Mysterious Shipping Logo, with its near use of no blue but its inclusion of interesting purple tentacles, will stand out. Compare with the Shipping Logo Design using two shades of blue instead of one, and how its outline takes over as its more distinct element. 


Your company name and motto – where you place it, how large the font size is, and in what font style can either augment or undermine your logo. If you’re not sure you can pull off something as stylistically well-integrated as the Shipping Navy Logo spelling out Swissmalaybr, or the distinctive tone of the Shipping Agency Logo featuring Altair, your safest option is to go back to simplicity and a clean font.

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