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30+ Wedding Logo Templates

By definition, a wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage and vow to spend the rest of their lives together. It is a celebration of love and partnership, not only for the couple but also between their community of family and friends. Usually, following the ceremony is a reception which includes food, music dancing, and well wishes for the couple. Therefore, it takes months and sometimes even years to prepare various numerous things before a wedding.

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One of the things the soon-to-be-couple needs to prepare are the wedding invitations and stationery as well as other collateral and decorations. They all need to correlate well with each other in order not to make your wedding celebration seems like all over the place. To bring a personal and cohesive touch for your wedding, what you need is a wedding logo. Here are some Wedding Logo Templates that you can download and use as well as find inspiration from for your wedding.

Wedding Luxurious Logo


Royal Wedding Logo

Vintage Wedding Logo

Studio Wedding Logo Template For Download

Birds Theme Wedding Logo Template

Couple Wedding Logo Template For Download

Floral Wedding Logo Template For Download

Rings Wedding Logo Template

Wedding Business Logo Templates

Wedding Invitation Business Logo


Wedding Flower Business Logo


Happy Wedding Logo Templates

Happy Wedding Day Logo


Happy Wedding Anniversary Logo


Happy Wedding Wishes Logo


Wedding Love Logo Templates

Wedding Music Love Logo


Christian Wedding Love Logo


Affordable Wedding Love Logo


Wedding Menu Logo Templates

Wedding Food Menu Logo


Wedding Catering Menu Logo


The Definition of a Wedding Logo

Logos are not just for businesses. They can also be used as symbols to represent an individual such as monograms or family clans like how family crests are used. Nowadys, the can aslo be used as wedding logos.

  • As a symbol. Just like any other logos, a wedding logo is a unique symbol which is used to represent your wedding and your union towards a new life together. It should b eelegant like a groom, and beautiful like a bride.
  • A combination. Wedding logos are often made by combining the happy couple’s name or initials, stylized in a beautiful and sophisticated manner and sometimes feature additional design embellishments such as flourishes.
  • As decoration. Using a wedding logo is a great way to tie up wedding decorations and collaterals together such as wedding invitations and other cards, keepsakes and souvenirs, reception decorations and even photo albums.

Kinds of Wedding Logos

Depending on the elements in which these wedding logos are made of, wedding logos can be categorized into two:

  • Timeless logos. Timeless wedding logos are mainly used as symbols to represent the couple as a unit. Creating a symbol together is a unique alternative of sharing a last name and are commonly used by elite family clans. Most of the time, they are designed as monograms and inspired by family crests and are used for the entire lifetime of the couple.
  • Timely logos. Contrary to timeles logos, timely logo focuses more into the wedding event itself. The couple mmight add other elements to the logo that ties to the theme of the event, like the Vintage Wedding Logo. That’s why they are just usually used during the wedding and rarely used in other occasions but maybe wedding anniversaries.

If you’re looking for other wedding collateral, you can check out our Wedding Invitation Templates.

Wedding Photography Logo Templates

Wedding Photography Group Logo


Wedding Reception Logo Templates

Wedding Restaurant Reception Logo


Wedding Services Logo Templates

Wedding Music Services Logo


Wedding Security Services Logo


Vintage Wedding Logo Templates

Vintage Wedding Album Logo


Vintage Wedding Cake Logo


Vintage Golden Wedding Logo


Wedding Card Logo Templates

Wedding Congratulations Card Logo


Wedding Friends Card Logo


Wedding Greeting Card Logo


Different Types of Logos

There are many type of logos used in businesses and you can use some of them for your wedding logos.

  • Logotypes. These are logos that consists only of a text that spells out a name. In case of wedding logos, it can spell out the bride and grooms first names or last names. They are often stylized using a unique or custom font or adding a decorative corner or border along its sides.
  • Lettermark. This type of logo uses the couple’s initials or the first letter of either their first or last names but usually first. It usually creates a simple, typographic yet elegant and sophisticated wedding logo. Flourishes can be added to the initials or it can stay as it is by using a stylized font.
  • Brandmark. A brandmark type of logo consist only of a symbol or an icon such as posed animals that usually represents a group of people such as a family. They are commonly used in family crests add couples can create one by combining the major elements of their family symbols.
  • Combination mark. Just like how it is called, this type of logo is a combination of a text and a symbol. This type of logo offers more flexibility as they can be split apart and lets you use the text or icon independently depending on the type of decor or surface they are attached to.
  • Emblem. While combination marks position the text and symbol side-by-side, the emblem type of logo has its text positioned inside the symbol therefore, they are inseparable. Although they create a more compact logo design, they may tend to be illegible at smaller sizes.

Other Ways to Use Your Logos

Aside from using logos in to your Wedding Cards and unifying your wedding decorations and collateral, wedding logos can also be used for other purposes to show the couple’s style and personality. Some of them are listed below.

  • As details. Wedding logos can be added as details to your outfits like engraving it into the groom’s cuff links or into the sole of the bride’s shoes.
  • As a wedding topper. One way to add a topper onto your wedding cake is using your wedding logo instead of the classic couple sculpture or photo.
  • As a chic touch. Integrating the wedding logo into the menu, table pieces, and wine bottles can definitely add a chic touch to your party favors.
  • As a guest book. Printing your logo on a poster where guests can sign and write advice and well-wishes for a happy marriage is a great alternative to the guest book.
  • As a dramatic flair. Couples who love drama can have their logo’s silhouette shine on the dance floor using a spotlight while they’re doing their first dance.
  • As a photo wall. Wedding logos can be used to design photo walls where your guests can take photos of themselves and others during your wedding celebration.

For more wedding logo ideas, you can also take a look at our other article of Wedding Logo Designs.

Beach Wedding Logo Templates

Beach House Wedding Logo


Luxury Wedding Logo Templates

Luxury Wedding Lace Logo


Luxury Personalized Wedding Logo


Modern Wedding Logo Templates

Modern Bridal Wedding Logo


Modern Black Tie Wedding Logo


Rustic Wedding Logo Templates

Rustic Fall Wedding Logo


Rustic Garden Wedding Logo


Travel Wedding Logo Templates

Travel Agent Wedding Logo


How to Make a Perfect Wedding Logo

They type of wedding you make says a lot about your style and personality as a couple. So, make sure to choose the type of logo and other elements carefully in order to create the right logo that you are happy with and makes you proud. Here are some tips that you can use in making your perfect wedding logo.

  • Define your wedding style. You should be able to define all the details of your wedding style to determine the type of logo to create and how it is going to be designed. Your wedding style should include the level of formality of the event as well as the motif of your celebration.
  • Make it personal.  A wedding is a personal occasion, therefore, your wedding logo should also be personal. Think of one special and common thing that both of you have and incorporate it into your wedding logos. Examples can be pets or instruments if you’re both into music.
  • Know your colors. It is easy to get lost with a myriad of available colors for weddings, so you have to develop a palette of favorite hues that will perfectly represent your style and can be carried throughout the rest of your wedding decorations to make a cohesive look.
  • Play with shape and sizes. Because there isn’t a standard for weddings, you are always free to do anything with its shapes and sizes to make your logo more personal. However, you may need to consider the legibility and readability of the text when choosing an emblem type of logo.
  • Make sure they are readable. While you consider the colors and patterns of your wedding logo, you should also think about the readability and legibility of the text or character. Also, you need to consider the shape and size so that your logo will not take a lot of space.
  • Don’t overdo the decoration. With all the pretty flourishes and other other decorative elements that you can add into your logo, make sure you don’t get carried away and  choose the elements you want to add to your logo wisely. See Calligraphy Wedding Invitations for ideas.

With wedding logos, you can be assured that all the pieces of your wedding puzzle are gathered into one common place together with the theme and concept of your wedding. Choosing the right wedding logo and other collateral that correlate to your wedding style and budget as well as your personal preference will definitely make your wedding day extra special.

While you’re here, take time to check our collection of Wedding Services Logo for more logo ideas.

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