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9+ Bronze Textures

Looking for bronze textures? You’re on the perfect page. Bronze is not just your ordinary metal. It is also capable in making a design stand out from the crowd. Historically, bronze has surpassed the test of times. It has proven its worth and value from generation to generation.

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In connection to this, we have here an array of bronze textures that represent bold and mighty design structures. They can serve as your inspiration, tool, or reference in making your own work of art. Aside from them, we also have other Free Textures that are also of great quality and definition. To access our list of categories regarding textures, just click on the provided link.

Bronze Metal Texture

Bronze Copper Texture

Seamless Copper Bronze Texture

Brushed Bronze Texture

Polished Bronze Texture

A Brief History of Bronze

Bronze may not be as famous and valuable as a piece of gold, but it has features that are desired by many. In order to appreciate the aesthetic value of a bronze, let’s take a quick look at its historical beginnings:

  • According to research, bronze is a description given to any alloy which is 85%–95% copper. It is also a possibility that other metal particles will be mixed in the composition process of a bronze.
  • The history of the Bronze Age began in Britain, which is said to be 5,000 years ago. It was named as the Bronze Age because it was the period in history that bronze was widely used in various aspects of the society.
  • Moving forward, it was during the 9th century in China that gunpowder was discovered, and bronze played a key role in terms of the production of firearms.
  • To this very day, bronze has a wide variety of applications such as in terms of gearbox bearings, springs, bushings bearings, and car gearbox bearings of smaller electric motors.

These are just some of the historical highlights of the life of a simple bronze. If you’re also interested with Rust Metal Textures, we also have other metal textures that are of great quality and definition. Feel free to check out and download them.

Bronze Leather Texture

Bronze Background Texture

Bronze Macro Texture

Gold Silver Bronze Texture

Shiny Bronze Background Texture

Types and Applications of Bronze

Textures are used in the world of web designs. As indicated by research, they help set the tone of the website. A simple bronze is also divided into 3 major types:

  • Commercial bronze. This composition is composed of approximately 90% copper and 10% zinc.
  • Architectural bronze. This composition is commonly composed of approximately 57% copper, 40% zinc, and 3% lead.
  • Statuary bronze. This composition is approximately 97% copper, 2% tin, and 1% zinc.

In terms of application, bronze has a lot of uses specifically in the world of art such as the following:

  • Outdoor sculpture. The most common types of forms are the human figures, landscapes, battle scenes, animals, and weapons.
  • Interior designs. Bronze designs are also applied in the field of interior design. It is favored by artists because of its timeless design.
  • Web designs. In the case of websites, a bronze design can pull off a timeless and bold look.

These are just some of the applications of bronze in the design world. Aside from them, we also have Vintage Textures which are also of great quality and design. Feel free to download from our collections and check out more textures on our website’s design pages.

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