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You can use different software and tools to design your artwork today. Before, we used to choose between paper and pen or painting on a canvass. Technology is both providing us with the tools we need to create realistic brush patterns and tools we can customize to add more effects to our artwork.

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Here, we share some cracked textures you can use in Photoshop to add to your collection of brush tools and use to create specific cracked texture brush patterns. We also share a brief description for some cracked textures on where they can be used on. You can also download Free 3D Textures from our website to apply advanced 3D cracked effects to your designs.

Cracked Paint Texture

cracked paint textureDownload

Cracked Wall Texture

cracked wall textureDownload

Cracked Glass Texture

cracked glass textureDownload

Cracked Concrete Texture

cracked concrete textureDownload

Cracked Earth Texture

cracked earth textureDownload

Cracked Texture Examples

The main purpose for downloading cracked textures is to help users make more creative designs with the use of different cracked texture brush patterns. This is also used to add more detail in artworks with crack patterns or designs that need detailed crack textures to make their artwork look more realistic. Some cracked texture examples include:

  • Cracked Paint Texture – These types of texture are used to portray cracked paint patterns which may be used for details in artwork with cracked paint designs.
  • Cracked Wall Texture – This texture is commonly used for effects which you can place on walls to make the them look old. These types of textures are commonly used as effects for artwork, as this places a more realistic look on the surroundings.
  • Cracked Glass Texture – You can use this textures when making broken glass effects. This saves you the time from manually making cracked patterns for a “broken glass” kind of effect.
  • Cracked Earth Texture – These types of texture are commonly used to create cracks on the ground, which is commonly used to add more detail to terrain effects. This can also be used to add detail to a desert floor surrounding.
  • Cracked Leather Texture – These types of texture are commonly used in leather clothing or materials as this adds more detail to make them look real.

You can also check out our website for some Grunge Textures if you want to apply grunge effects to your artwork.

Minecraft Cracked Texture

minecraft cracked textureDownload

Cracked Brick Texture

cracked brick textureDownload

Cracked Dirt Texture

cracked dirt textureDownload

Grunge Cracked Texture

grunge cracked textureDownload

Cracked Leather Texture

cracked leather textureDownload

Cracked Texture Advantages

There are also other advantages that cracked textures can give you besides providing you with the brush sets to create specific crack effects and improve creativity of your designs. Here are other advantages that textures can give you in designing your art:

  • Save more time – You can save time from creating effects manually by using crack texture brush sets. Using these brush tools or sets will help you automatically create a specific crack pattern you need. These are also easily downloadable from our website.
  • Add to your collection – You can add these types of brush tools in your collection for future use. Storing these brush sets will save you time from making such effects manually in your next design.
  • Total control – You have total control over everything in your design, including how heavy you would like your crack patterns to be in or how much you would like to place in your design.
  • Improve artwork – You get to improve creativity with your designs by adding more effects to them and also use them as borderlines or overlays for your artwork. You can also use these brush sets as effects for your pictures.

You can also check new templates and more tips and trips for your future projects from our website. You can also download other Free Textures from on Template.net as well.

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