8+ Spray Textures


When using Adobe Photoshop, we commonly use spray and brush tools to help us create artistic digital designs. A common tool we also use are brush tools and brush sets to improve our designs. We also adjust certain textures to create certain effects for specific designs.

Here, we share some spray textures you can use to improve your creations and add more decorations if you want to. We also share a brief description for some spray textures to tell you what they are commonly used for. You can also check out our website for more Free Textures and information about them.

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Spray Paint Texture

spray paint texture Download

Spray Orange Peel Texture

spray orange peel texture Download

Dry Wall Spray Texture

dry wall spray texture Download

Graffiti Spray Texture

graffiti spray texture Download

Spray Texture Examples

The main purpose for downloading spray textures is to help out graphic designers improve creativity their artwork and help them give more decorations to their designs. Some examples of spray textures being used today include the following:

  • Spray Paint Texture.  This is the most commonly used spray texture in making designs. This texture is already included as part of Photoshop’s brush tool textures. Even online photo-editing software and Paint have this kind of texture for users to use.
  • Spray Orange Peel Texture. This texture is usually included in bottle artwork or another detail to add in liquid texture designs.
  • Graffiti Spray Texture. This is commonly used when making graffiti-related designs, add additional details to backgrounds, or used to add more effects in graffiti artwork.
  • Abstract Spray Texture. This texture is used to create abstract graffiti designs. This can also be used as backgrounds for billboards or posters and effects for shirt designs.
  • Spray Splatter Texture. This texture can also be used to add more effects in shirt designs and backgrounds for posters. This is mostly used as borderlines and overlays for pictures as well.

You can also check out our website for Free 3D Textures to add to your tool collection. Be sure to doublecheck for any download restrictions from publishers and authors.

Abstract Spray Texture

abstract spray texture Download

High Resolution Spray Texture

high resolution spray texture Download

Ink Spray Texture

ink spray texture Download

Grunge Spray Texture

grunge spray texture Download

Spray Texture Advantages

There are other advantages that spray textures can give you besides from providing you with the spray texture you need to improve creativity and adding more effects to your digital artwork. Other advantages spray textures can give you also include these:

  • Saving time. Being able to choose different spray textures right away will save you the time from making specific spray effect patterns from scratch. You can also easily download more spray textures if you want to add more patterns in your collection.
  • Easily include in Photoshop. You can easily save new brush tools and textures in Photoshop with just a few clicks. The main advantage for collecting is, the more brush patterns and textures in your tools, the more you can choose patterns to create basic to advanced digital designs.
  • Download more textures. Generally, you can easily download more textures from our website, as our website offers different brush tools and textures you can use to create detailed artwork. We also give out information on when to use the different textures and their advantages in designing.

You can also use Grunge Textures in designs to add more detail and grunge effects. These types of textures are also used in giving out a darker mood in designs and commonly used for halloween themed artwork as well.

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