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33+ Grass Textures

Grass textures can be used for various purposes. They can be used as wallpapers, background images and screensavers or can be printed on cards, sheets, flyers, etc. We have listed below various grass texture templates. Grass textures can also be printed and used on posters and banners. These templates are in different styles, formats and colour schemes. Check out the various grass textures by clicking on the links given below the description of each template.

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3 Seamless Grass Textures

This is a set of 3 different grass textures. The 3 different textures are close up shots of 3 different grass types and each has a very distinctive shade of green associated with it. Dirt ground is also visible in the textures. The grass texture can be downloaded in JPG format.

Abstract Grass Texture Template

This is a very attractive grass texture. It is a very neat photograph of a grass bed. The texture has focused on the center of the image while rest of the part is blurry. The template can be downloaded in JPG format. The image is available in high resolution and is available in 4752*3168 pixels size.

Tileable Grass Texture Design

This grass texture is very well designed and can be used as a great print on tiles. It makes use of a strong and attractive green color shade. It is available in 2 formats, a vector format where you can resize the image, however, you wouldn’t want and the resolution to change and it comes with JPEG format in 300 dpi resolution.

Green Grass Blade Texture

This is a very beautiful grass texture which would make a very nice background image. The photograph looks very stunning with distinct grass blades visible. The texture is available for download in JPG as well as PNG format. It can also be downloaded in transparent form. It comes in 4 megapixel resolution.

High Quality Grass Texture

This is a very attractive grass texture which looks like an upper view of a grass field. It comes in 3 different styles, which are upper views of short and trimmed as well as long grasses in 3 different shades of green. The images are available in high quality and come in 300 dpi resolution.

Pattern Grass Texture Template

It is a very beautiful grass texture template that can be used in various places. It will make an absolutely stunning background image and very attractive wallpaper. It is the top view of a grass field. The texture can be downloaded in JPG format and is available in high quality.

Field of Fresh Green Grass Texture

This grass texture is an enticing view of a field of bright green grass. It is a top view of the field of grass. The texture is available in 3 different sizes- small, which comes in 6.9*4.6” size and 72 dpi resolution, medium which comes in 3.3″x 2.2” size and 300 dpi resolution and large which comes in 20.1″x 13.4” size and 300 dpi resolution.

5 Green Textured Nature Designs

It is a very alluring set of photoshop grass textures. 10 different images of leaves, grass, flowers, lawn and meadow are available. 10 images in 12″x 12″ inches size and 300 dpi resolution are available in JPG format. 10 more images in 864″x 864″ pixels and 79 dpi resolution in JPG format are available.

Artificial Grass Texture Design

This is a set of 6 different grass textures. Each texture looks like a top view of a grass field. The fields appear to be made of short trimmed artificial grass and resemble the looks of sporting grounds like football fields. All the designs are seamless and tileable and are available for download in PNG format.

This is an extremely beautiful grass texture. It has strong and vibrant colours. The texture can be used in various places like wallpapers and screensavers. It has a meadow grass pattern. The texture is available for download in JPG and EPS format and is available in vector format as well.

Beautiful Green Grass Texture From Golf Course

This grass texture is highly attractive and resembles the top view of the grass field on a golf course. It can be downloaded in 4 different variants; a small file of 6.9″x 6.9” size and 72 dpi resolution, a medium file of 3.3″ x 3.3” size and 300 dpi resolution, a large file of 11.5″x 11.5” size and 300 dpi resolution and a supersize file of 23″x 23” size and 300 dpi resolution.

Tileable Hand Painted Texture

It is a set of very beautifully created hand painted grass texture which will look very good printed on tiles. This set has 7 different designs and all 7 make use of different kinds of strokes and different color combinations. All the grass textures are very attractive and will make for great background images.

Football Field With Ball and Grass Texture

This beautifully designed grass texture is a close up view of a football field with a football at the centre of it kept at the halfway point. It will look great on tournament posters, magazines and many other places. The file is available in JPG and also in Vector EPS format.

Seamless Grass Vector Texture Template

This is a very attractive seamless grass texture which is very well designed. It has the top view of a grassy meadow. The picture is in high quality with grass blades and their shadows clearly visible. The texture is available in 4000x 4000 pixels and can be downloaded in JPG format.

Natural Background Green Grass Texture

This is a beautiful grass texture which is an image of naturally grown grass. It has grass blades which are very clearly visible. It is available in 4 different variants; small, medium, large and supersize. All the variants have different sizes, pixel counts, and resolutions. Small is in 72 dpi while other 3 in 300 dpi.

3 Grass & Ground Texture Designs

Grass Lawn Hi-Res Texture for Photoshop

Rice Meadow Grass Texture Design

6 High Resolution Seamless Green Grass Textures

Grass & Lawn Textures for Photoshop

You can also use bamboo textures as they also make great wallpapers, background images, and screensavers and also look great on printed materials. Check out all the different grass textures given above. These grass textures are of the highest quality and have innumerable uses. Choose the one you find the most attractive. You can also See Stone Textures

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