7+ High-Quality Tufted Textures


Tufted textures are created by making depressions on the surface of a cushion or any other material. The surface depressions that will be placed in the material should have regular intervals for it to be sleek, geometric, and polished. Tufter textures and other kinds of Photoshop textures can create a truly appealing impression on the people looking at the design.

We have collected a number of high-quality tufted textures that you may use as design materials in any art project that you are currently creating. There are different kinds of tufted textures so choose the design that is appropriate for the item you are working on.

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Red Tufted Leather Texture

red tufted leather texture Download

Vector Tufted Texture

vector tufted texture Download

Seamless Tufted Texture

seamless tufted texture Download

Tufted Leather Texture

tufted leather texture Download

Kinds of High-Quality Tufted Textures

There are different samples of high-quality tufted textures that you may use as a design in any project that you would like to create. A few kinds of high-quality tufted textures where you may select from include the following:

  • Red tufted leather texture is characterized by the usage of a leather material in color red. This can be used as a background for the promotional tools of furniture shops as the striking color of the leather textures and the appeal of the tuft pattern can easily get the attention of the people who will look at it.
  • A vector tufted texture is ideal for any digital design undertaking. You can use this specific type of vector texture in designing a website or any other online pages. More so, you can also use it as a desktop wallpaper.
  • A seamless tufted texture is great to be applied in huge spaces as the seamless tufted design can be repeated without creating awkward spaces and attachment areas. You can use this tufted texture as an inspiration for the tile design that you will incorporate to your house’s walls or flooring.

White Tufted Texture

white tufted texture Download

Velvet Tufted Texture

velvet tufted texture


Tufted Sofa Texture

tufted sofa texture Download

Tufted Fabric Texture

tufted fabric texture Download

Where Can You Use High-Quality Tufted Textures?

High-quality tufted textures can be used in a lot of processes, instances, and functions. A few ways on how you can use this particular textures are as follows:

  • If you are a furniture maker, you can create a portfolio of tufted designs that you can apply to different materials and furniture items. You can even incorporate them on your products, like in bed headboards, sofas and furniture walls, as 3D textures.
  • You can also use a high-quality tufted texture as a design item to any space especially in your room or in other parts of a residential space. You can either print it and put the tufted texture design in a photo frame or you can also place them in design hangers for a more artistic effect.
  • High-quality tufted textures can also be your design inspiration in creating different items where the texture can be applied. If you are an interior designer, you can incorporate tufted textures on design board so you can easily identify the spaces and areas where tufted textures may be applied.

Tufted textures can be identified as fabric textures if the material that you have used to create the specified texture is any kind of fabric. This works best in cushions, mattresses and other items where stuffing of artificial materials like polyester and/or cotton is needed.

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