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9+ Folded Paper Textures

Documents and materials differ in terms of their appearance depending on the texture that will be applied to them. Textures create a more in-depth design that allows the material to look more unique. One of the textures that are commonly applied in documents are folded paper textures. There are different kinds of folded paper textures which makes it easier for people to select the appropriate folded paper texture type to the material that they are currently working on.

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It is truly important to select the proper folded paper texture that will look great on the document where it will be applied. Other than our samples of folded paper texture templates, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of paper textures.

Folded Paper Background Texture


Folded Brown Paper Texture

Folded and Scratched Paper Texture

Folded Paper Overlays Texture


Crumpled Folded Paper Texture

Characteristics of Folded Paper Textures

A few characteristics of folded paper textures that make them great design materials are as follows:

  • Folded paper textures create lines that are natural looking which makes designs look effortlessly appealing. There are different lines that are produced depending on the kinds of folds that are applied in the paper used as a design inspiration.
  • It has a variety of effects depending on the colors of the paper and the amount of the supposed pressure that has been applied to fold the paper.
  • Folded paper textures play on a variety of shadows which makes the effect more real looking and three dimensional.
  • Folded paper textures may also have scratches and other design elements that make it more interesting and worthy to look at.
  • Folded paper textures are well detailed and designed accordingly based on its real life inspiration.
  • There are different overlays that can be seen in folded paper textures that allow it to be more dynamic and resilient to different projects and design items.

Aside from our samples of folded paper texture templates, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of crumpled paper textures.

Aged Folded Paper Texture

Grunge Folded Paper Texture

Ripped and Folded Paper Texture


Torn and Folded Paper Texture

High Resolution Folded Paper Texture


Usage of Folded Paper Textures

Folded paper textures may be used for the following purposes:

  • It can be used as backgrounds of a variety of documents.
  • It can be applied as an additional design material to items like invitations and merchandises.
  • Folded paper textures can be design inspirations for artists who would like to create artworks related to the appearance and visuals of folded papers.
  • It can be used to add character to different creative projects.

Kinds of Folded Paper Textures

A few samples of folded paper textures which you may download from this page are as follows:

  • Folder Paper Background Textures
  • Folder Brown Paper Textures
  • Folded and Scratched Paper Textures
  • Folded Paper Overlays Texture
  • Crumpled Folded Paper Textures
  • Aged Folded Paper Textures
  • Grunge Folded Paper Textures
  • Ripped and Folded Paper Textures
  • Torn and Folded Paper Textures
  • High Resolution Folded Paper Textures

With all the selections of folded papers, it sure will be easier for you to identify the kind of folded paper texture that is appropriate to be used for the project that you are currently doing. More so, it will allow you to properly select the folded paper textures that have the specific character and appeal that you are looking for. Other than our samples of folded paper texture templates, our samples and templates of old paper textures are also available for download.


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