9+ Peeling Paint Textures


Technically, a peeling paint is something that you need to fix especially if it is found in a wall of an establishment. However, peeling paints can actually be used as inspirations in creating textures that can provide a different kind of appeal to a material. A peeling paint texture is characterized by chipped off paints in a surface or platform.

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This post is a collection of a number of downloadable peeling paint textures which you may use to design different items with. Other than our peeling paint textures, we can provide you with more samples of various Photoshop textures each with their unique characteristics and appearance.

Blue Peeling Paint Texture

blue peeling paint textureDownload

Cracked Peeling Paint Texture

cracked peeling paint textureDownload

Abstract Peeling Paint Texture

abstract peeling paint textureDownload

Free Peeling Paint Texture

free peeling paint textureDownload

Variables Affecting the Overall Visuals of a Peeling Paint Texture

Some of the variables that affect the appearance of a peeling paint texture are as follows:

  • The kind of paint that has been used to color a material
  • The texture of the paint applied in a platform
  • The texture of the surface where the paint is applied
  • The color of the surface
  • The color of the paint
  • The appearance of the chipped paint

Why Are Peeling Paint Textures a Popular Design?

There are already a lot of entities that use peeling paint textures as design materials. This popularity may be mainly for these reasons:

  • Peeling paint textures can sometimes look to abstract which makes it easier to be combined with other design materials. We have more samples of other abstract textures in the provided link.
  • Peeling paint textures are distressed but its imperfections work well as a design.
  • Peeling paint textures can provide a lot of character and emotions in the material where it will be placed especially through the use of various effects and placement methods.

Free Graffiti Paint Texture

free graffiti paint textureDownload

Peeling Paint Wood Texture

peeling paint wood textureDownload

Vector Peeling Paint Texture

vector peeling paint textureDownload

Grunge Peeling Paint Texture

grunge peeling paint textureDownload

Peeling Paint Wall Texture

peeling paint wall textureDownload

Kinds of Peeling Paint Textures

Since there are many ways that a paint may be peeled from a surface, there are also different kinds of peeling paint textures that can be used as a design. Some of the peeling paint textures that you can download from this post are as follows:

  • Cracked peeling paint textures are characterized by small cracks that interlink with each other creating a texture similar that of a deserted land.
  • Abstract peeling paint textures are the textures that uses peeling paints in an artistic manner to create a surface that is both distressed and beautiful.
  • Graffiti paint textures use different kinds of peeling layers and paint colors to create a more artsy and street appeal.
  • Peeling paint wood textures are visual representations of paint drifting from wood materials.
  • Peeling paint wall textures are used to characterize the actual appearance of a paint color peeling from a wall surface.

There are still other kinds of peeling paint textures that you may use as design materials. More so, you can use overlays and combinations of various peeling paint textures to create a more complex texture design. Other than our samples of peeling paint textures, you may also want to browse through our downloadable samples of Grungy Paint Textures in the provided link.

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