9+ Brass Textures


Brass textures are characterized by a combination of matte and shiny surfaces. These features can be further exemplified by sunlight reflection and the surfaces they will be used on. There are many ways to can use brass textures as their inherent characteristics can polish the overall appearance of a document or an item.

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We have collected a number of brass textures that you may use as an additional design material to an item or any other craft project that you are currently working on. Other than our brass textures, we can also provide you with other kinds of Free Textures in the specified link.

Free Download Brass Texture

free download brass textureDownload

Polished Brass Texture

polished brass textureDownload

Brass Stitched Textures

brass stitched textureDownload

Dirty Brass Texture

dirty brass textureDownload

Set of Brass Textures

set of brass texturesDownload

Kinds of Brass Textures

Brass textures can be differentiated based on their characteristics especially those that are added or applied to a basic brass texture to make the specific texture more unique. A few samples of brass textures are as follows:

  • A polished brass texture is characterized by smooth flowing lines and and even surface. This allows for an almost perfect shimmer exemplified by straight light reflections. Polished brass textures are great to be used as backgrounds for documents and presentations as they can blend perfectly with any content.
  • Brass stitched textures have scratches and grains that create different directions of light reflection. Brass stitched textures are perfect to be used as wallpapers for electronic devices. They have a grunge texture ideal for those looking for an artistic yet sophisticated and modern wallpaper design.
  • A dirty brass texture is the kind of brass texture with a mostly matter finish. Dirty brass textures can be applied by event organizers and graphic designers to business event invitations because it exudes a corporate mood.
  • A golden seamless brass texture can be applied in a big canvas repetitively and still look cohesive and put together. This specific brass texture can be used as design covers for portfolios, notebooks, and envelopes.

If you want to use other kinds of textures aside from a brass texture, we also have samples of Metal Textures in the provided link.

Golden Seamless Brass Texture

golden seamless brass textureDownload

Brushed Brass Textures

brushed brass texturesDownload

Brass Metal Texture

brass metal textureDownload

Shiny Brass Textures

shiny brass textureDownload

Vector Brass Textures

vector brass textureDownload

Guidelines in Using Brass Textures

Though brass textures are truly great design materials, there are some ways where you can fully utilize its effectiveness. A few guidelines that you may follow in using the brass textures are as follows:

  • Identify the size of the material on which you plant to use brass textures. Some brass textures, like vector brass textures, look good on big canvases while others are more appropriate for small items and materials.
  • The surface of the material or items where the brass texture will be applied also matters. The shine and luster of a brass texture can be affected depending on the roughness of the material.
  • If you are going to use a bass texture as a background for an online or electronic presentation, make sure that you use other items that will accentuate the characteristics of the texture.

You may also be interested to take a look at our samples of Vintage Textures in the specified link for additional references of other kinds of design textures.

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