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Looking for well-designed leaf textures? You’re on the right track. We here provide you with an array of leaf textures that will promote a greener and eco-friendly web design. For those who love environmentally friendly web designs, our leaf textures can truly help you.

A leaf may seen unimportant and insignificant, but it is one of the great aspects of nature. It has a role to play in the processes in the ecosystem. To learn more about leaf textures, try downloading our template and you’ll see powerful the textures are. If you’re interested with Photoshop textures, we also have some designs and templates for you. Feel free to check around and enjoy!

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Green Leaf Texture

green leaf texture Download

Dried Leaf Texture

dried leaf texture Download

High-Resolution Leaf Texture

high res leaf texture Download

Water Drops on Leaf Texture

water drops on leaf texture Download

Fun Facts about Leaves

A leaf may look simple and easy, but don’t be deceived by its physical attributes. Here are some fun information you should know about them:

  • It is basically a fundamental organ of a plant. It contains two basic parts such as the lamina and the petiole. The variation will now depend on the size of the lamina and petiole. Other leave has bigger lamina such as plants in a rain forest. These plants have bigger lamina in order to get more sun light.
  • Do you that cacti have leaves too? Yes, they have. But the said leaves are microscopic in nature.
  • They change color in accord with a certain season. During summer, the leaves are much greener because of the high amount of chlorophyll which makes the leaves more green.
  • They are also used in determining whether a tree is sick or not. If the tree is sick, the leaves will change their color and will drop their leaves earlier compared to the other trees.

These are just some informative facts about leaves. By using our leaf textures you will be able to come up with your own masterpiece. Aside from them, you can also check out our grass textures, we also have some templates for you.

Fall Leaf Textures

fall leaf textures Download

Banana Leaf Texture

banana leaf texture Download

Vector Leaf Texture

vector leaf texture Download

Abstract Leaf Texture

abstract leaf texture Download

Application of Leaf Textures

Like our ecology textures, leaf textures are also a favorite among environmental enthusiasts. They are simple textures yet can foreground strong messages. Here are some fields of interest that such textures may be used:

  • Used by web applications. Leaves are great investments for web applications because the image is universally accepted regardless of the kind of leaf. To avoid coming up with boring Web applications, you can use our leave textures.
  • Contributes to the functionality of a website. A leaf background image emits a fresh and cool color to the reader’s eyes, which indeed makes it easy for the user and subscribers to browse through and navigate in websites and Web pages.
  • Use to design marketing ads. Leaf textures will come in handy in terms of ad designs. They will also be useful in the field of brochure making and design. In order to complete that green and healthy atmosphere, you should not missed out our leaf textures.

These are just some of the practical applications of leaf textures. They are truly your best friend. If you’re interested with Fall Leaf Textures, we also have some templates, icons, and designs for you. Just click on the provided link to access them. We hope you enjoy your stay Template.net!

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