18+ Leather Textures

For your next work on Photoshop, you can use a Leather Texture on an app interface or any other kind of graphic design work for great effect. The Photoshop textures that we’ve collected here are realistic and warm. Use them on furniture, leather-bound books, bags, luxury car websites and even in abstract designs. These textures are seamless and smooth. Depending on what you choose, you can create effects ranging from vintage to grungy to modern to luxurious.

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Grunge Leather Texture Design

grunge leather textureThis raw grunge leather texture is simple and minimalist. It’s a simple and subtle texture that will seamlessly blend into the background of any website. Download it to find out how versatile it is.

Black Coloured Leather Texture

black coloured leather textureThis bold black leather texture has beautiful embossed lines on it with a deep jet color to it. It’s a great addition to your leather texture library. Pull it out when you’re looking for a retro and vintage fabric texture.

Brown Color Leather Texture

brown colour leather texture

This natural brown leather texture can be downloaded from Shutterstock in several sizes to suit the needs of your project. It is a beautiful natural color that will have many uses.

Seamless Leather Texture

seamless leather textureThis is a black leather texture with an abstract pattern like a spider webbing. You can download the texture from DeviantArt. The file size at download is 2.8MB. Many DeviantArt artists have already used this texture, and you can check out their works.

Scrap Leather Texture Design

scrap leather textureThis smooth leather texture is available in several colors. You can download six JPG files that are 3500 X 3500 pixel each. The leather looks weathered and soft, and you’ll find many uses for them if you’re a graphic designer or a digital artist.

Vintage Leather & Paper Textures

vintage leather paper textures

Beige Leather Texture Design

beige leather textureThis beautiful beige leather texture is light and classy. The leather is embossed with fine lines and you can download the file in several different resolutions and sizes depending on what you need it for.

Fabric Leather Texture Design

fabric leather texture designThis leather texture is somewhat unique. It looks like a Chesterfield’s button-tufted leather surface, but it comes in several colors including red and blue. The texture comes with AI Illustrator and Vector EPS graphics files.

Genuine Shammy Leather Texture

genuine shammy leather textureThis light leather texture is another version of a genuine shammy leather surface seen in close-up. The leather is colored in a beautiful light brown or orange for a natural, luxurious feel.

Antique Leather Texture

antique leather textureThis antique leather texture looks like something that is cut out of a luxurious old tan leather chair. The leather is even uneven and lightly stained in places to suggest use. It’s great for a vintage feel.

Detailed Leather Texture

detailed leather textureThe detailed leather texture is a dark brown with a natural honeycomb-like embossed detailing. The texture comes in the form of high-res JPEG files, EPS files (for version 10) and AI files (for version 10 and CS5).

Black Genuine Leather Texture

black genuine leather textureIf you want a closeup of leather as it really looks like on the surface, this black genuine leather texture is a fine addition to your texture library. The texture is striking and unique with its detailed natural pattern.

Dusty Leather Texture

dusty leather texture

Bring adventure and action to your design with this dusty leather texture. The texture is created by a Deviant Art artist. You can use the texture for free, but the artist requests that you credit the original link if you do.

Black Rough Leather Texture

black rough leather textureThis vector black leather texture is smooth and bold. It has a rough and wrinkled surface that will suit your projects. You can download the file for free, and you also get a free license with attribution when you do so.

Cracked Leather Texture

cracked leather texture

Leather and Fabric Textures don’t just have uses in fashion, furniture and design websites. You can use these textures for wrapping icons as well. Use it as an app background and users will have a desirable response to the app. You can also use it on logos, in typography, as website backgrounds and in a lot of other applications. You can also See Vintage Style Film Textures