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11+ Dust Textures

Textures are used as a design material or an additional overlay to create more character to a specific item like an art project, craft, or an image. There are many textures that can be used and one of the most popular among them is the dust texture. This kind of texture can be used in many design processes as it is editable in terms of color, size, appearance, and weight.

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If you want to use any dust texture in the project that you are currently working on, you may download our different samples of dust textures available in this article. Also, we can provide you with more samples of Photoshop textures in the link provided if you want to use other textures as well.

Dust Cloud Texture

Dust and Overlay Texture


Grunge Dust Texture


Dust Particle Texture


Dust Textures Pack


Free Dust Texture

Dust and Scratches Texture


Kinds of Dust Textures

There are different variations of dust textures. A few samples of dust textures that you may use as a design material are as follows:

  • Dust cloud textures are characterized by clouds that are have been textured with scratches and grains. This kind of dust texture works well either as a background of a document like an invitation or as a stand alone art piece that can be displayed in any interior space.
  • Dust and overlay textures are used to provide a grainy effect to photographs which can be achieved by adjusting the opacity of the texture. Dust and overlay textures commonly use just two colors to provide an old-age effect.
  • Grunge dust textures play with two textures which is a combination of grunge textures and dust textures. The use of these textures together create a design that is out of this world and can be used as a design for merchandises like tote bags and mugs.
  • Dust particle textures are simpler and cleaner to look at compared to other dust textures. Only a few dust particles are present in this texture and it is usually used just to provide a few hints of additional effect and character to the item where it will be used.

If you want to try out different kinds of dust textures, you may download an entire dust texture pack. This will allow you to be more creative by knowing more ways on how you can use different dust textures in various materials. Aside from our samples of dust textures, our sand textures are also available for download.

20 Dusty Vintage Textures

Fairy Dust Texture

Free Downloadable Dust Texture

Dusty Chalkboard Textures

Dust and Noisy Texture

Sources of Dust

The design of the dust texture greatly vary on the source inspiration or the basis of the dust design depending on where the dust came from. Some samples of dust textures that follow this design principle are as follows:

  • Fairy dust texture
  • Dusty chalkboard texture

Guidelines in Using Dust Textures

If you will use dust textures as design materials, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Identify the material where the dust texture will be used and assess whether the specific kind of dust texture is applicable to the material structure and the output that is being expected to be made.
  • Assure that the dust grains in the texture will not overlap other important design materials that are already present in the material where it will be placed.
  • Use an appropriate dust texture that can give a strong appeal and visual impact to the material.

Other than our samples and templates of dust textures, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of grunge textures.

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