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Looking for well-designed sky textures? We’ve got templates for you. The sky covers everything that lies above the surface of the Earth. Most of us love to look at them and take some time staring at them, which brings calmness to our senses. In light of all of this, the sky is always a favorite subject among fine artists and painters.

To hasten the search for sky textures, check out our array of templates which are of great quality. Moreover, they are also easy to download and use. They will surely provide you with an elegant and subtle design that will put your design on the pedestal. Aside from them, we also offer other cool Free Textures, which are also of great quality and design.

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Seamless Sky Texture

seamless sky texture Download

Night Sky Texture

night sky texture Download

Sky Clouds Texture

sky clouds texture Download

Morning Sky Texture

morning sky texture Download

High Resolution Sky Texture

high resolution sky texture Download

Fun Facts about the Sky

To appreciate more and enjoy the wonders and beauty of our sky textures, here are some fun fact and information about them:

  • The clouds in the sky are considered to be extremely heavy. According to scientific research, the clouds in the sky contain millions of tons of water. Indeed, their looks can be pretty deceiving.
  • Nothing beats the special light display of the so-called Aurora borealis. These special light displays are evident in the northern regions of the earth, particularly in the Iceland. It named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora.
  • The intensity of the sky also varies with respect to the various time frames within the day.
  • During the day, most of the light in the day sky is caused by the scattering and is said to be dominated by a ray scattering.

Hence, there are so much to learn and know about the sky. They are even still unknown wonders about it. Aside from them, we also offer Photoshop Texture Sets, which are also of great quality and design. Feel free to use and download them.

Red Sky Texture

red sky texture Download

Blue Sky Texture

blue sky texture Download

Photoshop Sky Texture

photoshop sky texture Download

Vintage Sky Texture

vintage sky texture Download

What Are the Uses of Sky Textures in the Field of Website Design?

Sky textures are favored in the area of website design because of its simple, seamless, and calm aura. Also, in terms of applying such textures, ensure that your texture design is in line with the bigger picture you want to pull off. The texture will only work its magic if it is applied with a well-planned concept. You can use them as for the following purposes:

  • Wallpapers. If you want to maintain a calm, positive, and simply organized atmosphere, sky textures are worth using. Your background can ultimate stir up visual interest. It will make your website worth reading. The content will be emphasize while the background will supplement it.
  • Memorable and catchy designs. You can also use them in terms of beautifying and enhancing your Photoshop designs. It will add a more vintage vibe on your design. With the use of textures, a website will not be dragging and boring.

Aside from them, we also have Bubble Textures which are also of great quality and design. Just click on the provided link to access and download them. What are you waiting for? feel free to download and use our designs and templates. Check out more from our Design pages and enjoy your stay at Template.net!

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