15+ Grey Textures

Grey is the color of intrigue. It adds a mysterious vibe to everything it touches. Grey Textures offer design freedom for a lot of materials such as fabric, concrete, tiles etc that looks subtle yet brilliant. The textures can be used for beautification of web art elements or for adding an authentic touch to wallpaper. These designs have been artistic and have full customizability for further compatibility. These are fit for amateurs and professionals. You can also see Bubble Textures.

grey textures

Grey Slab Roof Tiles Texture

gray slab roof tiles texture

The texture has multi-shaded gray square tiles. The texture is ideal for backgrounds as it comes in a low contrast. The design is available in the resolution of 2816X2013 PX. You can also see Glitter Textures.

Grey Geometric Texture

gray geometric texture

The design has a triangular texture with repeating shades of gray and white which renders it an intriguing appeal. It can be used for background or interior décor; and it comes in EPS file. You can also see Crumpled Textures.

Grey Paper Texture

grey paper texture

This is a simple white paper with gray embossing and vignette. The texture is subtle and can be used for epigrams, text, and covers. It is easy to download from Shutterstock. You can also see Pebble Textures.

Grey Fabric Texture

grey fabric texture

The texture is a rendition of a rippled gray colored cloth that has various tones of gray. It can be used as a cover or simply as a background with JPG image file. You can also see Bamboo Textures.

Grey Concrete Texture

grey concrete texture

The image has a withering paint texture in gray. The pattern created by thickened layers of paint look unique. The image can be used as website advert; with JPG files.

Dark Grey Fabric Texture

dark grey fabric texture

This is a dark gray fabric texture with a matte finish. It has a light patch in the center with a vignette at corners. The image is perfect for t-shirt and fabric designs.

Vector Wood Plank Grey Texture

vector wood plank grey texture

The texture is made of vertical wood planks which have light gray highlights. The pattern has black domination with wooden texture mix. The file is available in vector with JPG.

Abstract Grey Texture

abstract grey texture

This abstract texture features an array of merged irregular polygons that create a mesh-type pattern. The design is fully scalable and features bubble gray mid-tones; in AI, JPG, and EPS files.

Grey Grunge Texture

grey grunge texture

The texture consists of spotted and erratic gray colored splatter type pattern. The texture is suitable for album art or graffiti designs. It is available for download from Shutterstock.

Grungy Grey Texture

grungy grey texture

This is a rough texture created by grey overtones that mix decently with white. The design can be used for posters and wallpapers; downloadable in 300 dpi JPEG vector files.

Grey Wall Texture Background

grey wall texture background

The design displays a rough brick wall texture with leaking cement concept, all in dark grey. The texture is loud and impressionistic; perfect for website backgrounds in vector format.

Grey Glittery Texture

grey glittery texture

The template features shiny bits of glitter in a varying gray colored texture. The texture contains 4 renditions with darker tones; suitable for cloth prints and gift card designs.

Vintage Grey Texture

vintage grey texture

This is an imitation texture of leather made from PVC with perforations. The whole theme has a cool grey color, suitable for upholstery and leather finish goods; in JPG format.

Grey Linen Texture

grey linen texture

This is a great light grey linen type texture with irregular intersecting line pattern embossed on it. The theme suits clothing, cushion covers or even hard book covers with easy customizability. You can also see Snow Textures.

There are a number of textures that grey beautifully absorbs in it. These textures such as concrete, wood and paper look really presentable for artistic work with a subtle finish. They are provided with easily scalable vectors. Download these amazingly crafted textures and increase the aesthetic appeal of your content instantly.