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12+ Amazing Textures for Magazines

An excellent piece of art is one that transcends the norms of design. For the designers who always opt for the unconventional and experimental, almost any design material can be maximized to its full potential; and maybe even beyond it. Thus, some of the best digital and printed designs are those that have been innovated and created from the mundane and even basic design elements.

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In this article, we’ve curated the best texture designs one can use for digital illustrations, mixed media ads and artworks, and editorial articles for magazines. They’re easy to customize, and are of high quality to give you excellent results. Our textures vary in style and method, and are absolutely downloadable. You can get our free textures or download premium designs straight from our list.

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Wrinkled Paper Texture

This Wrinkled Paper Texture is a staple for every designer. They’re pretty basic and old-school, which makes them a timeless piece of design texture you can incorporate on casual flyer ads, youthful articles, or back-to-school promotional pages. For the more classy and vintage-like, you can also use old paper texture to add more intensity to your work.

Universe Texture Backgrounds

This digital set of Universe Texture Backgrounds can make any design piece look and feel other-worldly. Download this set of amazing backgrounds for your more avant-garde and futuristic magazine ads or articles. There are plenty of color swatches, textures, and pattern designs you can use to represent the cosmos. Take your pick from this bundle right here.

Watercolor Texture

If you’re looking for liquid-type textures to create a more fluid design, this Watercolor Texture should be in your design kit. Watercolor blobs are unique alternatives to banners or text backgrounds. You can easily scale and customize these blobs and splashes of color to fit your design. There are different color palettes you can choose from such as rose gold, pastels, monochrome, and more.

Abstract Hand Drawn Texture

Get yourself a lovely set of hand drawn patterns with this bundle of abstract textures. They’re completely post-modern and chic while establishing a tropical feel to their colors and textures. This set of textures is the perfect design tool for your art magazines and your fashion forward digital prints.

Blush Powder Textures

Make your fashion magazine even more sultry and inviting with this set of Blush Powder Textures. They’re perfect design pieces to your magazine articles and product ads to make them more contemporary and chic. You can choose from an array of color schemes for your powdered brush strokes, and customize them to fit into your articles effortlessly.

Vector Paint Texture

Gold Marble Texture Set

Marble texture is not just limited to interior decorating. You can just as well use them digitally for your magazines and artworks. This Gold Marble Texture Set has been created digitally to give your background designs, paper textures, and patterns a unique and modern twist. They’re super classy and would look great on high-end fashion ads, luxury product promotional sections, or intense magazine articles.

Art Paint Texture Toolkit

What art magazine wouldn’t love to down in this Art Paint Texture Toolkit? With over 80 textures available for download, customize your articles, portfolios, and featured articles to look like stunning works of art. Get this bundle and have a diverse set of paint patterns and textures at your disposal.

Blue Grunge Texture

This blue vector grunge texture is a handy design element that can add character to your works. The color’s fluidity and serenity is perfectly contrasted with edginess and intensity through rustic grunge effects. If you’re trying to create a unique aura and mood for your article, ads, or portfolio, this vector texture is good to go.

Tropical Leaves Texture

Abstract Lines Texture

Trying to find ways to make line vectors more interesting? This abstract texture is anything but dull with its surreal morphs. It’s the perfect addition to your weird and eccentric digital art, features, and portfolios.

Flux Distorted Texture

Holographic Magazine Texture

The urban and post-modern magazines, art and fashion magazines especially, always go for unconventional and thought-provoking designs. Holographic gradient textures and distorted patterns are your go-to texture designs. If you want to pique people’s interest, use textures that are unpredictable to stay ahead of your generation.

Textures play an important role in designing. For magazines, promo ads, editorials, and the like, your texture designs are part of what makes the whole output amazing. Download these textures and make something people have never seen before. You can get free textures or purchase premium items from our list. Take your pick now!

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