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Imperfection is invisibly written on everyone’s face. Humans as we are, we commit mistakes, make the wrong decisions, and, sometimes, we let our emotions get the better of us in heated situations. We unconsciously let go of words that would hurt the other. Later on, we realize that what we did was wrong; that things were blown out of proportion. Then, regret and guilt come striding through every pulse of our nerves and every beat of our hearts. Although it’s hard to admit to the other that we were wrong, we know deep within that it is still the right thing to do. You may also see sympathy card samples.

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Apologizing can be difficult for some, especially with our pride getting in the way. But, there’s no other way to make things better than to say that you’re sorry and make amends. Don’t let hurt feelings linger. Once you realize your mistake, try your best to apologize. You may also see card designs.

However, if you still don’t have the courage to apologize personally, you can send an I’m Sorry card first. Sending a card with your message of apology will soften things up to an extent and it will give way for you to make your move in showing how regretful you are for things to end up this way and that you are willing to fix things up. Check out the designs and templates of I’m Sorry cards below and find one that suits your taste or one that you think the other person would like. You may also see greeting card templates.

Elegant I’m Sorry Card Template

elegant im sorry card template

Sample I’m Sorry Card Template

sample im sorry card template

Reasons Why We Should Say Sorry

It is sometimes difficult to admit that we were wrong because of our towering pride. But even if we do realize it, it’s still difficult for us to say sorry to the one we hurt. We fail to realize that an apology would not only benefit you but would also help the other person in many ways. Here are empowering reasons why you should apologize, and really mean it. You may also see greeting card designs.

1. It builds R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Sometimes, in the middle of a heated argument, our anger invokes our most honest thoughts and feelings that we end up saying things we don’t mean. When things have died down and we get sober from the extreme intoxication of anger, we then realize that we have unintentionally inflicted pain. Saying sorry would mean that not only did you accept your mistake but also let the other person know that you respect their feelings. You may also see free card designs.

2. It helps you move on

There are times when we get too affected by the misunderstanding or argument that we end up overbearing guilt and hatred. Harboring these negative emotions isn’t good for you or anyone else. So, to help you liberate yourself from the weight that these emotions lay on you, acknowledge your mistakes and sincerely apologize. Make sure that you are truly sorry for the things that you’ve done. Otherwise, it will just be another empty promise. You may also see card templates.

3. It provides a strong foundation

Foundations are not immune from cracks. At first, it was just a graze. Then, the wounds get deeper until it leaves a tiny crack. Remember, big things start small. These small cracks will eventually grow large and weaken the foundation. However, moving past problems by apologizing for your mistakes can actually strengthen your relationship. Saying sorry may not instantly heal the wounds and turn the foundation back to its original state, but it will definitely slowly patch things up and repair what’s broken. You may also see farewell card templates.

Awesome I’m Sorry Card Template

awesome im sorry card template

Cute I’m Sorry Card Template

cute im sorry card template

Amazing I’m Sorry Card Template

amazing im sorry card template

I’m Sorry Card Template

im sorry card template

I’m Sorry Card Sample Template

im sorry card sample template

4. It gets easier

The moment you say sorry, the better it would make you feel. Although it may not immediately take away all the emotional baggage that you have been carrying ever since the riff, it would get things easier to handle from then on. You can then fully express what you really thought of the situation and say how sincerely sorry you are for hurting him/her. You may also see sample cards.

5. It solidifies your integrity

Your mistakes won’t disappear if you don’t apologize for it. They will only become an elephant in the room. Things will get better once you enter the room and take the elephant out yourself. Owning up to your mistakes helps you be a better person and make yourself more trustworthy. You may also see free invitation cards.

6. It’s all about the sincerity

If you are apologizing only to get past the issue, then that’s downright futile and stupid. You are only making things worse for yourself and the other person, especially if he/she felt your insincerity. Doing so would eventually make the riff wider until things become unrepairable. And even if the other person did think you were sincere, you will forever live with this regret. Properly apologize by being sincere about it. Feel deep within you the guilt for making the mistake and let your heart do the talking. You may also see encouragement card templates.

7. It makes you feel relieved

You say sorry not just for others but also for yourself. You free yourself from the emotional baggage and you will certainly feel better. Even if your apology falls on deaf ears, at least you know that you did the right thing and sometimes, that’s all that matters. You have to think about yourself sometimes. Do this for yourself as much as you are doing it for others. It might somewhat be selfish, but self-care is important, too. You may also see message templates.

8. It sets an example for the younger ones

Once you get used to saying sorry every time you commit a mistake, it has a positive impact on kids who are on the scene when you apologized. It makes them realize that the words, “I’m sorry” are powerful enough to ameliorate personal issues. Kids learn by imitating and with this, you surely have planted a seed of positivity in them and they will grow to respect others and themselves. You may also see invitation card templates.

Simple I’m Sorry Card Template

simple im sorry card template

Modern I’m Sorry Card Template

modern im sorry card template

Creative I’m Sorry Card Template

creative im sorry card template

How to Apologize Appropriately

Saying that you are sorry is as difficult or more as confessing your hidden affection to your crush. It’s mind-numbing and nerve-wrecking but at the same time relieving. But, a simple “I’m sorry” won’t just cut it. There are things that you have to consider and think thoroughly before saying your apologies. There’s more to those words than just a mere phrase that you can easily blurt out. Here are the steps on how you should apologize appropriately. You may also see sample card templates.

1. Express Your Remorse

Every apology starts with the words, “I’m sorry” or “I apologize.” These words are the prelude that perfectly expresses your remorse over your actions. After those words, follow them up with an explanation of the reason why you acted that way when things got heated up. Be authentic and sincere with your words. Be honest with yourself and let your heart take the reins. Don’t ever make an apology if you just see it as a means to an end or you have ulterior motives hidden behind. This will eventually turn back on you and it will make you regret doing it. Also, timing is important here. Once you realize that you have wronged someone else, apologize as soon as possible. You may also see flash card templates.

2. Admit Responsibility

The next thing you should do is to admit responsibility for your behavior or actions and acknowledge your mistakes. This shows empathy towards the other person and it makes him/her feel that you have truly understood how you made him/her feel. One caveat here: don’t ever make assumptions. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and carefully assess how she felt about the situation. You may also see anniversary card templates.

3. Make Amends

In this part, you create solutions and act upon them to make things right. Don’t make promises you can’t keep as it will only make things worse. Just do your best to show that you are indeed guilty of what you did and that you are trying to fix things even if it won’t go back exactly the way things are before. However, don’t expect to be forgiven right away. Making amends is all about a continuous sincere effort in winning it back. You may also see thank you cards.

4. Promise That You Won’t Do It Again

This last step is all about reassuring the other person that what happened back then won’t be repeated. Tell the other that you are going to do something about it, like changing your behavior. It may take a while to fully correct yourself, but what matters is that you will get there. But, when you do say this, honor it like a code. Follow through your promise; otherwise, it will only ruin your reputation and trustworthiness. Don’t ever make the same mistake twice. You may also see printable card templates.

Typography I’m Sorry Card Template

typography im sorry card template

Minimal I’m Sorry Card Template

minimal im sorry card template

Dark I’m Sorry Card Template

dark im sorry card template

Minimalist I’m Sorry Card Template

minimalist im sorry card template

I’m Sorry Card Design

im sorry card design

Is it too late to apologize?

The answer to that question is a big “No.” It is never too late to apologize. No matter if it takes you days, weeks, months, and even years, a sincere apology will always be welcomed. And even though things may not go back the way they used to be, at least you have patched things up. Even if the other person won’t accept your apology, at least you know that you did the right thing by admitting your mistakes and apologizing to him/her. Give yourself a pat on the back, if you can. Owning up to your mistakes is a courageous thing to do. Not many people can do it and some would rather take their guilt and anger to their grave. You may also see sample greeting cards.

Remember, an apology is made to make amends with the other person and to free yourself from the burden of guilt. Also, it is the right thing to do. Move on by talking to the other. Explain your side and make amends. And, although we said that an apology will always be accepted no matter how long it takes, please, don’t wait that long to make a move. Time isn’t always on our side and by the time that you are ready to apologize, it might be too late. Apologize as soon as you know you were in the wrong. You may also see personal card templates.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect design for your I’m Sorry card. Choose the design that you think suits best to your liking or the design that the other person would like. We hope that you patch things up nicely with the other and that your relationship will still remain. You may also see birthday card templates in a word.

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