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For couples committing to a life-long relationship, the greatest gift they will be ever blessed with is a child. Their very own offspring that can potentially acquire either of their personality and characteristics. Whether it be a son or a daughter, couples anticipating their newborn would normally feel elated and beyond this world and in a way pressured for the new responsibility that awaits them. However, such pressure can be eased through a baby shower, where friends and family members close to you get to give you gifts to better equip you for the new chapter of your lives.

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Rustic Floral Baby Shower Invitation

rustic floral baby shower invitation

Floral Baby Shower Invitation

floral baby shower invitation1

Baby showers are an event commonly organized by friends close to the couple to anticipate (and also celebrate) the coming of a newborn into the couple’s lives. The reason why friends are commonly the ones who organize baby showers is that of how people, especially those who take event etiquettes seriously (or also referred to as, etiquette sticklers), see it as inappropriate. A baby shower, in general, is an activity where guests are able to shower the couple with gifts that they can use with their parenting, to help and guide them. To also, in a way, help take a fraction of the stress they are feeling with the new life coming their way. So, if you are one of those mothers-to-be steering away from tradition and is organizing your own baby shower and is looking for invitation cards to use, here is a list of premade invitation card designs and templates for you.

Blush Pink & Gold Glitter Invite, Baby Girl Shower

blush pink gold glitter invite baby girl shower

Girl Baby Shower Invitation

girl baby shower invitation

How Baby Showers Were Celebrated Then and Now?

What started this affair of showering the couples with gifts in a baby shower is derived from the tradition of bridal showers. Notably, one during the Victorian-era is the more obvious inspiration for these showers. It is when friends gather together, including the bride-to-be, to send her well wishes and of course, give her gifts. The gifts were placed inside a parasol, which was then placed over the bride-to-be to make it as if she was being showered with gifts, thus the term”showers”. Back then, it seemed more elaborate, which is far from how it is usually done now in a more modern setting.

And as tradition goes, baby showers were commonly only organized by close friends of the parents-to-be and never by the couple themselves or any of the family members intermediate to them. The reason for this is because it was believed to be inappropriate to ask for gifts from people. However, now that we are in a more modern setting, with people more open to new ideas, the event has developed into something far from how it was before. Although there are still some who openly embrace the tradition and ardently follow the “only friends can organize” rule, most parents nowadays organize the event themselves. They get to be more hands-on and more active with how they want their event to go. This occurrence has led couples to organize baby showers to be how they have envisioned it themselves, how they prefer and one they truly resonate with, from themes to foods, and so much more.

Boho Baby Shower Invitation Girl

boho baby shower invitation girl

Boho Floral Elephant Invitation Pink Baby Shower

boho floral elephant invitation pink baby shower1

How to Organize Baby Showers For Girls?

There are a lot of ways a baby shower can go, depending mostly on what you prefer as a parent and what best suits the gender of your baby, which in this case is a girl. There is just a plethora of choices to choose from, choices that truly fit the idea of having a girl as a baby.

1. Set the Date of Your Baby Shower

For baby showers, timing is everything. It is very important that you schedule your baby shower between four to six months before your due date. With this timeframe, you will still have a lot of time to buy things needed for the party and your pregnancy in general. And also, given that your belly will not be as big around this time, you will still have the opportunity to enjoy the event with the company of the people close to you.

2. Choose the People You Wish to Invite

You do not have to necessarily invite everyone you know or in your family. Unless you wish to organize an extravagant and grand baby shower, with the budget to back it, then your free to do so. But, if you are one that is under budget constraints and wishes to go for a more intimate baby shower, you can simply invite the ones that you are close with. It could be from your family, your friends, and even your workmates.

3. What Theme to Go For?

If you have discovered you are pregnant with a girl, then there is so much option you can go for. You can go for a pink motif baby shower and let your set up be drenched in pink as the color implies femininity and daintiness, and is also a common color that girls go for. You can also organize your baby shower with a princess theme, packed with tiaras and glitters; or even flood the set up with flowers to also show femininity. There is just an abundance of themes you can go for that will best show your guests that the child you are bearing is a girl.

4. Event Details and Activities

In terms of design elements in your baby shower, it does not have to be grand, it can be simple and still look polished and put together. You can simply add banners across the place, blast some music to make it festive, and provide foods to satisfy guests appetite. To even add into the fun of the event, you can add games that may or may not cohere to the idea of a baby shower, such as the bring-me game or the trip to Jerusalem or even guess the gender or guess the measurement games in your event. You can also do gender reveals on your baby shower, where none of you and your guests know what the gender of the baby is until the said event.

5. Invitation Cards

In order for the baby shower to be a true success, guests should be in all attendance. And to do so, use invitation cards as a means to invite your guests. Invitation cards have been a long-standing tradition that all people are accustomed to when organizing any event. And as for your baby shower, it is best that you hand out one despite the incrementing growth and influence of social media platforms that have been an easier resort when it comes to inviting and informing guests about an upcoming event. And more importantly, invitation cards serve as a prelude to your event which can help excite guests and give them a slight idea of what to expect.

Midsummer Floral | Baby Shower Invitation

midsummer floral baby shower invitation

Rose Gold Faux Glitter Pink Ombre Girl Baby Shower Card

rose gold faux glitter pink ombre girl baby shower card

Pre-made Twin Baby Shower Invitation Cards

If acquiring an invitation card is a dilemma for you, there is an option that presents itself as both practical and efficient. The premade option, whch is simply buying designs and templates that are readily available online that you can tailor to your preference and needs. And here are reasons to justify why the pre-made option is an ideal option to go for.

1. Affordable

Its affordability is actually one of the main reasons why people usually opt to go for the pre-made option. Also, how it is affordably priced and is not compromised in terms of its design quality. The pre-made option is simply the better option compared to having it custom made, which is the more known counterpart since it entails an intensive process and a price that sometimes is impractical to people. Another reason, why the pre-made option is affordable is because the graphics artists who create these pre-made designs and templates design them according to their preference, meaning they are not being obliged to follow demands, requirements, and deadlines. Which ultimately is a factor in its affordability since there is no intense labor being taken into account.

2. Easy to Work With

Considering that it is pre-made, which means it is partially finished by the graphics artist, makes working with it is so much easier. You also do not need to have the most extensive knowledge about the different design software as basic knowledge can already help make you your own invitation card. Also, taking into account it is pre-made, with initial designs already laid out, you can just simply finish the design of the graphics artist or use it as an inspiration to base your own design off of.

3. Editable

Pre-made designs and templates are fully editable and customizable to your preference. You are given the liberty to edit the texts, fonts, colors, sizes, and a few other elements of the design to however you wish so. And also, at times it comes with smart object layers or vector files that enable you to move around elements of the design to create a more unique and personalized invitation card.

Watercolor Floral Unicorn Baby Shower Invitations

watercolor floral unicorn baby shower invitations1

Little Princess Baby Shower Invite, Faux Glitter Card

little princess baby shower invite faux glitter card

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