11+ Bachelorette Party Invitations

While marriages can be a fun joy-ride for most, it can also be quite a taxing affair down the road. That’s why before all the marital responsibilities start knocking on the door, a woman can still spread her wings of total independence one last time with her tight circle of friends. This occasion is called a bachelorette party—her last hurrah before she waves goodbye to all the perks of utter singlehood.

So if you are a maid-of-honor or bridesmaid who is assigned to plan a bachelorette party, then it is important that you meticulously plan all the details, including the design of the bachelorette party invites you will send. If you don’t know where to start, we have easily downloadable bachelorette party invitation templates for you to choose from.

Sample Bachelorette Spa Party Invitation Template


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Printable Bachelorette Party Invitation



Free Bachelorette Party Invitation



DIY Bachelorette Party Invitation



Beach Bachelorette Party Invitation



Black and White Bachelorette Party Invitation



Give your sister or girlfriend the party of her life by sending glamorous and fun invites to her bachelorette party guests. You can scroll down below to choose among the slew of bachelorette party invitation templates, which we have made available for you. You can download these and fill in the party details such as the name of bride, place and time of party, and RSVP details. Or if you want, you can customize these templates by adding images, texts, and new designs through the use of Photoshop or any editing programs like GIMP.

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Are you a newbie in planning bachelorette parties? Here are some tips that can help you get started:

  • Listen to the bride. If she says she doesn’t want a night at a strip club or a buzzed night of club hopping then do respect her wishes. Otherwise, you will end up with a grumpy bridezilla and a hoard of unhappy bridesmaids and girlfriends. Remember, her happiness and level of comfort are important.


Custom Bachelorette Party Invitation



Bachelorette Party Invitation Card Template



Sample Bachelorette Party Invitation



Shine Bachelorette Party Invitation



Ladies Bachelorette Party Invitation


  • Consider the budget. Before any other detailed planning could start, you must first consider how much your budget is. Normally, bachelorette parties are funded by the bridesmaids and the bride’s other girlfriends. While you may be willing to contribute a bunch of dollars, you must also consider how much the other bridesmaids are capable of contributing.
  • Choose a theme. After you have assessed the bride’s preferences, together with the party budget, carefully choose an exciting theme. Whether you want a low-key indoor party or a crazy night of booze and bar-hopping or maybe a relaxing day at the spa, a bachelorette party can be a combination of anything, which can make your bride remember it for the rest of her life.
  • Assess the guests availability. In order to set a final date, you need to take heed first of each guests/girlfriend’s date of availability.
  • Make reservations. Making reservations are essential in assuring the success of your party. Hence, you need to give a call two months before to that spa, bar, or restaurant you planned on going to. Also, don’t forget to make reservations for your transportation.
  • Send theme-appropriate invites. Tailor your invites in such a way that your guests will be thrilled to go to the party and they will have an idea of what the party’s theme is.

And If you wish, you can peruse our free and easily editable bachelorette invitation templates simply by clicking on the link provided from our website.

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