764+ Invitation Templates – Word, PSD, AI, EPS

If you are organizing a function, it is important to send invitation to the participants. Different designs and styles are available according to the preferences of the guests. While selecting Invitation templates, check the font so that it is of suitable size. You may also see invitation designs.

Combination of two or three fonts can make them look attractive. You can also get the Invitation templates customized because a beautifully created invitation impresses the recipients. Choose the theme depending on the type of the party. The invitation template is available in the form of PDF and JPG format.

Quinceanera Invitation Template

quinceanera invitation template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed

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Elegant Quinceanera Invitation Template

elegant quinceanera invitation template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed

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Quinceanera Party Invitation Template

quinceanera party invitation template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed

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> Birthday Invitation Templates

Innovative Birthday invitation templates captivate the imagination of the guests. Funky looking figures of the kids or cartoons act as great stress busters and enhance the festivity of the occasion. Folded and flat Birthday invitation templates are selected based on individual preferences. A sophisticated design printed on shiny and elegant paper indicates the taste of the host. The templates are available in printed formats and send to the buyers. [30+ Birthday Party Invitations]

> Christmas Invitation Templates

Spice up the festival with Christmas invitation templates. The Christmas invitation templates are amazing and diverse as chalk is to cheese. Santa riding on a sledge in the snowfall is wonderful image that could be embedded with the sweet message. Instead of buying Christmas invitation templates, you can use the image editing applications to create attractive customized printable invitations. Christmas party invitation is available in the form of word file formats. [57+ Christmas Invitation Templates]

> Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Arrival of the newly born young one is celebrated with great pomp and show by friends. Baby shower invitation templates provide prefect alibi to even the most reluctant guests to visit the function. A beautiful layout with funny images of cute little toddlers could signify the theme of the Baby shower invitation templates. Content template is available in PDF and printable formats. [Baby Shower Card Template – 20+]

> Graduation Invitation Templates

Make the moment memorable. The Graduation invitation templates are very popular because they signify the end of educational life and start of the professional journey. Impeccable layouts with amazing messages can instantly strike a chord with recipients.Log on to the website and select the Graduation invitation templates to make the party memorable and awesome. The content template is available in the image format with JPG and PNG extension. [15+ Graduation Invitation Templates]

> Party Invitation Templates

Rock the event with Party invitation template. Unique Party invitation template can rejuvenate the mood of the guests as they can groove to the music and sumptuous food. Keep the invitation layout attractive and simple to deliver the message effectively. Free Party invitation template save a lot of time for the users because they do not need to create the design from the ground up. party invitation templates are available in word file formats. [31+ PSD Party Invitation Templates]

> Wedding Invitation Templates

Find the best wedding invitation templates for marriage. Unique selling point of the Wedding invitation templates is the theme because it defines the soul of the hosted event. Talk to fiancé about the colors and the pattern that have to be incorporated into the invitation. Before choosing the Wedding invitation templates decide on the budget and make selection accordingly. Go for high quality paper and saturated inks to create an impression on the guests. The wedding invitation template format is available in PDF and image files. [Wedding Invitation Template – 46+]

> Diaper Invitation Templates

Childhood memories are one of the most cherished memories that kids lingers on for a major part of their life. So, why not make it special for our kid? The diaper invitation template help making this experience fascinating for friends and relatives who would probably relate it to their experiences on reading the invitation. The templates are available in all formats including PDF, PSD and other hard copy format. [Diaper Invitation Template –16+]

> Mickey Mouse Invitation Templates

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are the fantasies of many a kid, and hence these templates are most frequently used for designing invitations – be it for birthday, or any other happy occasions. These designs do appeal to the aesthetics of toddlers who really gets fascinated by these designs on PSD, PDF or any other photo shopped form. [18+ Mickey Mouse Invitation Template]

> Holiday invitation Templates

Holiday invitations are mostly hosted in a community or team, or rather a gathering of people socializing with each other. Holiday invitation templates are designed in an elegant manner as the same indicates the aristocracy of the party being hosted for them. The templates are mostly photo shopped to given the appeal. However, they can also be in the form of PDF. [Holiday Invitation Template – 12+]

> Dinner Invitation Templates

These types of invitations are more intimate in nature as people generally invite near and dear ones to dinner with whom they share a cordial relationship. The designs of dinner invitation templates may be in the shape of an attractive plate with knives, fork and spoons surrounding it. These are mainly created using high resolution design software. [Dinner Invitation Template – 16+]

> Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates

Birthdays are more special in childhood than it is during matured stages of life. And, if there is something with which kids associate themselves, they are cartoons. Therefore, Minnie mouse invitation templates are one of the most used, especially for toddlers who get fascinated by and love to attract friends by showing trendy designs in the form of Word, PDF as well as other printable formats. [Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation Template – 12+]

> Email Invitation Templates

Emails are most used in invitation templates for certain official or bid events such as a concert or a big bonanza sale campaign or something similar. These templates can be handcrafted by experienced designers as well as created on Photoshop, word, or PDF and taken a printed version of the same. [Email Invitation Template – 41+]

> Retirement Invitation Templates

Retiring from work is one step that gives the world the indication that man has done his due of work to his maximum capability. And what better way to celebrate this, than throwing a retirement party for that special someone. These Retirement Invitation Templates are worded carefully and designed intricately to give you the best and classy ideas for your party invites. Available in multiple formats such as PDF, MS Word, PSD, these invitations are the perfect choice for you to choose from. [Retirement Invitation Template – 15+]

> Ticket Invitation Templates

Parties are always hard to plan for, especially when you have to stay with the trend and make newer concepts. Here are the best ever Ticket Invitation Templates you will find, designed to stick out in a person’s mind and make your invite all the more special. With an ocean of designs to choose from, these invites will give your party the pizzazz it needs. Pick from a multitude of formats like PSD, PDF, MS Word and more according to your convenience and make your event a memorable one. [Ticket Invitation Template – 26+]

> Anniversary Invitation Templates

Celebrations have no boundaries when it comes to anniversaries. Birthdays, Wedding Days, Company Celebrations, Celebrating Memories of dear and departed ones, all call for specially crafted invites. These Anniversary Invitation Templates have been professionally designed to make cherished memoirs. last for a lifetime and more. Select the apt invite from a mountain of templates and give life to memories forever. Each of these invitation templates comes in a multitude of formats like PSD, PDF, MS Word and more to suit your convenience. [Anniversary Invitation Template – 25+]

> BBQ Invitation Templates

A Barbeque party is not only about the hot smoking grills, but also the party itself. And what makes a party more inviting than the invite itself? These BBQ Invitation Templates are designed to set your party ablaze with more spice and color than you could imagine. Gazillion templates await you to pick from and make your BBQ a one of a kind. Choose your perfect invite with templates available in a multitude of formats like PSD, PDF, MS Word and more and throw the best BBQ Party ever. [BBQ Invitation Template – 40+]

> Chalkboard Invitation Templates

Bring in the Retro effect to your party invites with these Chalkboard invites, be it a wedding, a birthday or even a baby shower. These Chalkboard Invitation Templates have been carefully crafted to maintain simplicity and elegance, with the choicest words one could think up. Oceans of invitation templates await you to choose from, making your event more special than ever. Pick your most favorite template from a variety of formats like PSD, MS Word, PDF and more and make your party one of a kind. [Chalkboard Invitation Template – 31+]

> Halloween Invitation Templates

For a tradition as old as time, it is pretty hard to stick to time and create something nouveau and yet classy. Come Halloween people expect to stand out from the crowd and be the envy of the entire town. These Halloween Invitation Templates are loaded with unseen new concepts and scripts, intended to give people the chill and thrill they yearn for. So choose from a multitude of formats like PDF, MS Word, PSD and more, and make your Halloween the most interesting and classy event of the year. [Halloween Invitation Template – 35+]

> Housewarming Invitation Templates

Setting foot into your new house is a very magical moment and indeed a special moment in your life. Such an auspicious occasion calls for the best crafted invite. These Housewarming Invitation Templates are all one of a kind and are designed to suit each and every single person out there. Find your perfect invite from a mountain of invitation choices and make that special moment a memorable one. Templates are available in many formats like PSD, PDF, MS Word and more, to suit your convenience. [Housewarming Invitation Template – 15+]

> Open House Invitation Templates

Open house party calls for creativity and individuality, seeing as one and all people are invited to the event or occasion. Be it a school event or a social event, the entire town is going to witness the event. Fear not. These Open House Invitations are designed intricately and professionally to impress one and all. Choose from a large variety of templates to your choice of event. All templates are available in an array of formats like PSD, PDF, MS Word and more to your convenience. [Open House Invitation Template – 11+]

> Passport Invitations Templates

Planning parties is a tough task these days. Designing the invites is a harder task still. These Passport Invitation Templates will add more panache to your theme and makes it livelier. With about a million designs and carefully chosen words, these invitations will make you the envy of your neighbors and the best host for your guests. Pick out your favorite invite and choose from various template formats such as MS Word, PDF, PSD and ­more to the expediency of your event. [Passport Invitation Template – 11+]

> Quinceanera Invitation Templates

When your little girl turns sweet sixteen, it is the most special moment for your entire family. A once in a lifetime quinceanera deserves only the best worded invites for your little darling daughter’s special day. With these beautifully designed and specially worded Quinceanera Invitation Templates, you can give your girl the most memorable day ever and impress everyone too. Choose from a multitude of template formats like PSD, MS Word, PDF and more, and make your party invites the best ones ever. [Quinceanera Invitations Template – 24+]

> Bachelorette Invitation Templates

With this wonderful bachelorette invitation template you can make the most perfect invitations to your party. It can be customized to suit your personality, you can even upload your photo, change the fonts, background and colors. And in addition to all these, you can get the templates in PSD, Word, XPS and PDF formats. [Bachelorette Invitation Templates – 25+]

> Award Invitation Templates

Her are some of the best award invitation template to make your work easier. Use these top notch templates for any kind of award you may be organizing. They are available in XPS,PDF, PSD and Word formats, just choose, fill and you are ready to dispatch to your guests very fast. [Award Invitation Template – 14+]

> Business Invitation Templates

Invitation cards are the perfect prelude to arranging and upcoming business event. Find downloadable business invitation template in Word, PSD or PDF and customize it as per your needs. Whatever your business event, these templates will suit you perfectly. After filling the template you can either print them or email to those invited. [Business Invitation Template – 14+]

> Funeral Invitation Templates

These invitations are primarily used to give details of a funeral, memorial service of celebration of life ceremonies. The details included are usually limited. When you use a funeral invitation template your planning work is made easier. Just fill the template that you can download in PSD, XPS, PDF or Word to customize. [Funeral Invitation Template – 12+]

> Fundraiser Invitation Templates

Our fundraiser invitation templates save you time and money as you plan for the event. All you have to do is simply download a Word, PSD, XPS or PDF template and proceed to fill it with you own information as you desire and proceed to print copies or email the soft copy. [Fundraiser Invitation Template – 16+]

> Masquerade Invitation Templates

Since putting together masquerade party can be very expensive, use this masquerade invitation template to cut costs yet produce a great invite. Download them in PSD, Word, XPS or PDF and proceed to customize and produce invitations making that first impression count since you only get one chance to do it. [Masquerade Invitation Template – 24+]

> Kids Invitation Templates

Consider using this DIY kids invitation template to make your kids party the most memorable. Download one in XPS, PDF, Word or PSD as you may prefer and edit it to suit you and the kid’s taste. Make it truly personal and unique adding your own texts then print it on the paper color and quality of your choice. [Kids Birthday Invitation Template – 26+]

> Meeting Invitation Templates

Invitations to an important meeting should be done professionally and in time. You can download meeting invitation templates in XPS, Word, PSD or PDF and customize it to conform to your organizations’ colors. Fill in the requirements and necessary details for the meeting and email or print on paper then dispatch to the participants. [Meeting Invitation Template -10+]

> Picnic Invitation Templates

Chose a beautiful picnic invitation template that is easy to use and saves you time. All you need to do is fill in the template and send them out to your friends and loved ones. They can be downloaded in Word, PDF, XPS or PSD formats at your convenience then just print and proceed. [Picnic Invitation Template – 19+]

> Onesie Invitation Templates

A simple onesie invitation template has patterns that will appeal to you. They also come with directions on how to cut out the patterns properly. You can download one here in PSD, Word or PDF and proceed to prepare your invitations. They come with just bare minimum structures for you to deck as you please. [Onesie Invitation Template – 15+]

> Seminar Invitation Templates

These downloadable seminar invitation templates are the solution. Get them in XPS, RTF, PDF, PSD or Word and customize with your organization’s details and seminar specifics and simply send them out. This is a formal letter of invitation and has to follow some guidelines that have been designed for you in the seminar templates. [Seminar Invitation Template – 10+]

> Formal Invitation Templates

Formal invitation templates are mostly used events such as wedding, official team outings etc

where in certain people of high stature are invited. These templates are extremely sober and elegant, and crisply convey the message in an assertive tone. These templates are most designed in PDF format; however word can also be used. [Formal Invitation Template – 25+]

> Baptism Invitation Templates

Baptism, as the name suggests are mostly used to celebrate spiritual and religious events like the christening of the baby. These are extremely significant event in the life of a person and the same is highlighted from the aristocracy of the invitation template. Mostly designed in word or PDF format, these invitations convey simplicity and purity. [Baptism Invitation Template – 20+]

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