12+ Ceremony Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

How tiring it is making the same documents or forms over and over again. But with templates? No sweat. No matter how many times you make similar forms, with templates, you can just edit some minor details then you’re good to go. No need to start from scratch since templates are already preformatted. Convenient, isn’t it? Especially now in the fast-paced world we’re living.

Since templates are a big help to us, we created this list of ceremony invitation templates that you can make use of. All have wonderful designs, which are perfect for any occasion. Take time to check below and choose the template tailor fit to your needs. You will love them for sure.

Born Naming Ceremony Invitation Template


Death Ceremony Invitation Template


Free Creative Naming Invitation Template


Free Download

Free Funeral Ceremony Invitation Template


Free Download

Free Wedding Ceremony Invitation Template

Free Ceremony Invitation Template


Award Ceremony Invitation Template

Award Ceremony Invitation Template


House Warming Ceremony Invitation Template

House Warming Ceremony Invitation Template


Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

Naming Ceremony Invitation Template


Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template

Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template


You’re Invited!

Mention any ceremony that you know like a wedding, graduation, award ceremonies, and so on. As we know, all these ceremonies have one thing in common—an invitation, whether a card, letter, or in any other form. An invitation can either be delivered verbally or by sending a written invitation.

It is a request of inviting someone to attend an event, go somewhere, or do something. In a verbal invitation, the most common means are through e-mail, sending a text message, chat conversation, or inviting your guests face to face. Whereas, in written invitations, invitation cards or letters are the major tools.

What Really Is the Difference between the Two?

Yes, we can invite someone through e-mail anytime and anywhere. Though it may seem convenient, however, when it comes to formality, it is a little bit off. There is a huge chance too that the person invited might forget it or possibly delete the e-mail out of habit.

When you have a physical invitation, people will tend to look forward to the event more. Why? Because there is physical proof of an invitation that acts as a reminder for that special day. Not just that, it can also enhance your creativity since you get to choose the perfect design for your invitation cards.

Wedding Ceremony Invitation Template

Wedding Ceremony Invitation Template


Opening Ceremony Invitation Template

Opening Ceremony Invitation Template


Promotion Ceremony Invitation Template

Promotion Ceremony Invitation Template


Funeral Ceremony Invitation Template

Funeral Ceremony Invitation Template


What’s in Store for You

Making a physical invitation does not need to be stark and tedious, especially if you’re planning to throw a special event. Step up your usual way of designing an invitation. Not only will it reflect the type of event you’re throwing, it will also create a positive impression for your guests. With our collection of awesome ceremony invitation, you and your guests will be astonished.

Here’s what you’re getting when you download our templates:

  • Each template is designed by our talented graphic artists and designers.
  • Each contains ravishing layouts with lively and vibrant colors.
  • Images are in a high-quality resolution for precise and detailed pattern.
  • These are all in modifiable formats, which means you can edit it per your liking.
  • You can download them to any device with no hassle.
  • All are printable easily.

These are surely a great deal that you can’t just ignore. But not just that, you can also make use of these designs as an inspiration for an awesome wallpaper for your bedroom or living room, a great design for your website background, can also be a great book cover, or a music album cover perhaps. They are not just your awesome templates; they can be useful in so many ways too!

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