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Holidays are probably the most sought-after days of the year. It is a time for the workaholics and hard-working students to rest. What is a holiday? Holiday is not just a vacation day or week nor is it a random festive day; there is always a reason for such days such as the Holy Week for Christians, several national days for countries, and Thanksgiving or the New Years. You may also see invitation samples.

A long weekend due to a holiday mostly calls for a celebration. People who wants to make the most of their rest days usually end up doing more in terms of fun, and throwing holiday parties became a norm. Check out Party Invitation Template to familiarize yourself in making your own invitation.

Office Holiday Party Invitation Template

office holiday party invitation template 1
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Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


Holiday Cocktail Party Invitation Template

holiday cocktail party invitation
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Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


Office Holiday Party Invitation

office holiday party invitation Download

Staff Holiday Party Invitation

staff holiday party invitation Download

Holiday Cocktail Party Invitation

holiday cocktail party invitation Download

Holiday Dance Party Invitation

holiday dance party invitation Download

All the Hubbub with Holiday Parties

First of all, what is a holiday? Holiday derived from the words holy day and is a day set aside by custom or by law on which normal activities, such as work and school, are suspended. In general, it allows everyone to celebrate or commemorate an event, tradition of culture, or religious significance.

Holiday parties are events thrown during special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, etc. It is a time for fun and be festive and celebrating occasions with your loved ones is always the highlight of your life. A holiday party is a good excuse to gather all the people special to you in one room and an invitation becomes an important tool for it.

When Planning for the Party

There are different reasons for throwing a party. For parties thrown during special occasion, it important that its theme should be tailored to fit the cause of the holiday. For example, the Christmas holiday would give an ambiance of chill; laughter; presents; and with a motif of colors red, green, gold, and white.

Usually, a Christmas party is accompanied by people wearing red or white, and some would even dress up as elves and Santa Clause while the venue would have the mentioned colors to make it more defined. Every detail of the party is made after the impression of the special day, from decor, to music, to food and drinks, venue, and, of course, invitations.

Check out Pool Party Invitation Template and Holiday Event Invitation for more helpful samples to help you get started.

Holiday Dinner Party Invitation

holiday dinner party invitation1 Download

Holiday Birthday Party Invitation

holiday birthday party invitation Download

Business Holiday Party Invitation

business holiday party invitation1 Download

Potluck Holiday Party Invitation

potluck holiday party invitation1 Download

Corporate Holiday Party Invitation

corporate holiday party invitation Download

Making Your Invitation

You should never take invitations for granted. A party is only ever successful if people comes, and having a well-made Holiday Invitation Template can guarantee that. Below is a list of helpful tips to help you making your invitation:

  • Theme. The theme of your invitation card should be able to exude the holiday’s cheer. You invitation should be able to communicate to the receiver what the invitation is for in just a glance.
  • Greetings. Regardless of how short a greeting is, it is still important as it allows you to express your enthusiasm about inviting the receiver. It also allows the receiver to feel how special they are to you.
  • Content. Justify the theme of your party not just through its color and design. Your invitation should be able to detail what the party invitation is for, who sent the invitation, where, when, and who to contact.
  • Location. It is advisable to provide a mini map at the back of your invitation along with detailed landmarks of the venue. It allows your guests to be able to come to your party conveniently.

If you’re still confused in making your holiday party invitation, there are samples provided above and more from our website that you can download for free. You can use them as a reference material and are available to download in PSD, EPS, and AI format.

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