7+ Office Party Invitations

Office parties would be the highlight of most workers in a company. In business, being busy comes without discrimination and often do we bury ourselves with endless works and projects, sometimes even our rest days are sacrificed. When there is a call for celebration like promotions, birthdays, reaching a quota, or even retirement, all the busy and haggard office workers lights up with smiles, seemingly rejuvenated.

There are different kinds of parties and office parties are types where fun and work come together in harmony. Regardless of how menial the purpose of the celebration is, a party still needs a well-made Party Invitation Template.

Holiday Office Party Invitation



Farewell Office Party Invitation



Office Opening Party Invitation



Office Team Party Invitation



Office, Parties and Invitations

The word office does not really exude the term fun; it is a place where you can not afford to waste time, relax, and just have fun. When party and office come together, there is a tinge of irony accompanied, but it is one of the best times you and your colleagues get to unwind on such busy days. There are different reasons to throw office parties just like someone getting a promotion, opening a new office, welcoming new employees, and congratulating and saying a cheerful farewell to retirees.

We often wonder what is the need of invitations when the party is just in the office and you all can just have fun there on the get go. An office party does not necessarily mean that the event is held in the office, but rather that it is for the people in the office. Sometimes an office party is just a theme and not really related to any office-business related occasions, just like how we have “back to school” parties where the guests would dress up in their alma maters’ school uniform.

For Whom Are These Invitation Templates?

Just as mentioned, office parties do not necessarily mean that they are office-related occasion but rather just as a theme’s party. It is then right to say that anyone can use such invitation templates. If you are someone in charge of events planning, own an events organization, or a member of an office, these invitations are for you. Just like how it is essential to have well-made Conference Invitation Templates for important matters, it is also essential that you are able to make an invitation for your office parties.

Annual Office Party Invitation



Office Welcome Party Invitation



Office Tea Party Invitation



Office Potluck Party Invitation



When Making Your Invitation

There are a few things you need to consider when making your invitation, and below is a list of helpful tips to guide you in making your office party invitation:

  • Greetings. Always have a greeting. No, matter how insignificant it may seem, a greeting can make a huge impression to the receiver.
  • Content. Make sure that your invitation indicates who the invitation is from, the occasion, where and when is the occasion, and contact details of the person for possible inquiries.
  • Direction. Having a mini map with details and landmarks of your venue at the back of your invitation allows your guests to arrive to your party conveniently. It is not something most people provide in their invitation card; however, it is highly advisable.

Remember that your invitation should be able to tell your guest everything then need to know and expect from your party. If you still need more help in making your invitation, the samples found in this article can be downloaded for free and available in PSD, EPS, and AI formats to use as a reference material. If you want to see another style of invitation, you may check out more Business Invitation Templates available on our website.

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