9+ Sumptuous Picnic Invitation Designs

There is no better way to enjoy food than relishing every bite in the company of family or friends. Picnics are always a celebration, as food brings people together whether it be family reunions, birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, and even unplanned gatherings with high school friends or business colleagues. Picnics are intended to be casual events—as the agenda centers around eating, laughing and relaxing—so your invitations needs to reflect this laid-back vibe as well.

Planning to host a picnic, or know a friend who’s hosting one anytime in the near future? Enjoy choosing your favorite from our affordable yet beautiful picnic invitation designs. These designs will certainly make you hungry and make your guests ecstatic about the picnic. For more designs, look at these picnic invitation templates and picnic flyer templates.

Ants Inspired Family Reunion Invitation

ants inspired picnic invitation

Celebrate that family get-together with this invitation design that sees ants stealing your food. But don’t take it too literally—ants are delightful companions as long as they don’t get into your food (or your skin). Bring those insect sprays or just flick them off if they get too intrusive. This cartoon-themed invitation which doesn’t take itself too seriously is cute enough to make your relatives look forward forward to the picnic. If you are planning to make your own design using this ants-centric invitation, try using different foods or delicacies, or even dress those ants with stealth military uniforms.

Family reunions, although usually a fun-filled event tend to get awkward if new people are introduced to the family (girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, friends, etc.). Even kids can get embarrassed in family reunions, especially if parents accidentally share some stories that were supposed to be kept secret (i.e. first kiss, weird hobbies, etc). For these people, the only remedy for awkwardness is to enjoy the abundance of food. Munch away.

Summer Picnic Family Reunion Invitation

summer picnic party invitation

This is also another family reunion picnic invitation which shows a picnic venue landscape. The clear blue sky, giant tree and grass complement each other well, creating a nice combination of colors. The picnic table, cloth, food, and drinks all add something unique to this cartoon-themed design. The picnic details are also well-placed and don’t disrupt the flow of the design.

Playground Picnic Birthday Party Invitation

playground party picnic invitation

A picnic birthday party celebrated in a playground is one of the best ways to hold a birthday party. The children will probably enjoy the playground more than the food, but it’s better to have those kids’ favorites (i.e. spaghetti, fried chicken, hotdog, hamburger, juice) in sight as they will certainly need some energy boosters after all their running and climbing. Parents will also need to eat as they wait for their kids to tire out while they also enjoy some conversations with fellow adults.

This invitation has a similar design to the summer picnic family reunion invitation above. The tree and picnic condiments are still present, but the clouds have been removed and replaced with a simple sketched cloud with a playground structure added as well.

BBQ Party Picnic Invitation

bbq party invitation

It doesn’t get more traditional than having all those favorite picnic dishes placed side-by-side in an invitation design. The hamburger and hotdog sandwich, as seen in this invitation, take center stage and will surely make your guests think of food every time they look at the invitation. If even a cartoon burger is already appetizing, how much more a real one? Using this invitation is a surefire hit with the guests. Just make sure to prepare enough food for everyone!

Fish Fry Cookout Picnic Invitation

fish fry picnic invitation

There are always options on what food to bring or cook during picnics. Grilling and frying pork, beef, or fish are the most obvious bets, and probably the most fun. Cookout picnics are fun activities that have tasks assigned for each person. The dad and eldest son grill, the mom and eldest daughter prepare the appetizers and side dishes, and the younger kids run around and play. In a picnic with friends, though, one friend grills, the other prepares the appetizers and side dishes, another mixes the drinks, while the rest sit around and wait for the food.

In this rustic fish fry cookout picnic invitation, the fish is obviously given the attention with the picnic details written in a stained paper bag and chalkboard design. The main backdrop of the invitation represents a photo of weathered wood, providing a nice combination of colors that revolves around gray, brown, and black. This invitation is also perfect for other seafood cookout picnics. Similar to the barbecue party picnic invitation, this design is also appetizing and will make your guests think of food every time they take a glance at the invitation.

Watermelon Picnic Party Invitation

watermelon picnic invitation

This party invitation for a company picnic has a nice vintage feel to it. The watermelon design and text resembles that of a 1930s or 1940s advertisement. The design and colors are minimal yet bold, making them immediately attract attention. The font and font colors (yellow, white, and pink) used in this invitation matches perfectly with the watermelon, all transforming the invitation into a perfect vintage-inspired look.

In all honesty, company picnics are more fun if the big boss is not around. Employees gossip about work-related issues and tend to be more relaxed compared to how they behave inside the office. But it really depends on the personalities of upper management. If the managers and CEOs are close to their employees and hang out with them often after work hours, then these picnics would be more like friendly parties than the usual business meetings with food. If the big boss is hosting the picnic, though, be on your best behavior.

Sunflower-Picnic Cloth Combo Invitation

sunflower picnic cloth invitation

The traditional picnic cloth design is always a great option for your picnic or outdoor party invitations. Next to the food, plates, spoon, and fork, the picnic cloth rounds up the top five essential things to bring during picnics. Thus, using this as the main design for your invitation is a no-brainer.

In this invitation, the picnic cloth is paired with sunflowers to add a more nature-inspired theme to the design. The yellow shade in the sunflower complements the picnic cloth’s red and white colors. The picnic details are then written on stained paper.

Rustic Retirement BBQ Picnic Invitation

rustic retirement bbq invitation

This invitation combines different designs into a single retirement barbecue picnic invitation. A picnic cloth is used as the backdrop of the invitation, while a giant jar is then placed front and center with the picnic details written inside the jar. When making barbecue-inspired invitations, the barbecue itself or kebab usually comes to mind first. The jar represented in this invitation presents a different look since jars are usually associated with fruit jams and other desserts.

Teddy Bear Picnic Invitation

teddy bear invitation

Use this invitation if you’re having a picnic party for young girls. This teddy bear-inspired picnic invitation is adorable and can be used for other children’s parties as well. Different shades of pink are used throughout the invitation with different effects applied to each word (plaid, horizontal lines, and polka dots) to add to the invitation’s aesthetics. The design is finished with buntings and polka dots hovering around the invitation.

Despite young millennials leaning more on technology nowadays, this invitation design brings back a classic figure which is slowly being replaced with smartphones and tablets: the teddy bear. It’s a toy that is traditionally associated with childhood and innocence, which makes the teddy bear a nice addition in invitations to kid-friendly celebrations.

Jingle Bell Picnic Invitation

jingle bell invitation

For Christmas picnics, use this jingle bell picnic invitation design. Experience the Christmas season in full effect with this festive invitation design, complete with a Christmas tree, Christmas ball, candy cane, and snowman ice cream that will surely make your guests excited. Despite the season being known for dark and sparkling colors, this invitation creates a brighter and cleaner effect with the colors and designs being used. The reds and greens are also in lighter shades.

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