9+ Potluck Invitations – PSD, Vector EPS

A potluck is an event where people meet together and bring food items that they may all share while discussing life events and other personal or business matters. In some countries, a potluck is already a part of their culture and tradition. In others, it is a way of giving their shares whenever there are trips to be made or celebrations to be held.

Sending a potluck invitation is very essential as it provides all the needed information by the people who will attend the specific gathering. Make sure that both the design of your potluck invitation and the information in it are aligned and well put together. Other than potluck invitations, we can also provide you with Breakfast Invitation Templates.

Halloween Potluck Invitation



Holiday Potluck Invitation



Christmas Potluck Invitation



Potluck Dinner Invitation



Elements in a Potluck Invitation

A potluck invitation must have the following information:

  • The residences or the place where all of you are to meet to share the food items that you have prepared for everyone
  • The theme of the potluck
  • The host of the potluck
  • The contact information of the potluck host for confirmation of invite purposes and other inquiries
  • The date and time in which the guests should arrive in the location of the event
  • The type of food that is suggested for people to bring

What Food Items to Bring

The food items that people will bring in a pot luck depends on the following information:

  • The time of the day when the potluck is to be held is very important. People may bring food depending on the meal type that all of you are to eat. Breakfast and lunch usually requires heavy meals, while dinner and snack may require light meals.
  • The theme of the potluck may also affect the meal that everyone is to bring. The thing may depend on a celebration or an event like Halloween and Christmas. Considering the theme of the potluck will make the people to attend give more effort in assuring that the details of their meals are related to the theme being given.
  • A host may also provide specifics on what kind of potluck will occur. It can be a gathering where different types of pastas may be served, or it can be a continental spread that everyone is to enjoy.

Other than our potluck invites, you may also use our Party Invitation Templates as references for the invitation that you are designing for any specific event.

Thanksgiving Potluck Invitation


Summer Potluck Invitation



Potluck Emailer Invitation



Rustic Potluck Invitation


Potluck Party Invitation


Birthday Potluck Invitation


Importance of Creating a Potluck Invitation

It is very important for a host to create a potluck invitation for the following reasons:

  • It can help the host track the food items that will be brought by people who will attend so to avoid the same dish to be served.
  • It helps in assuring that the space of gathering is enough for the number of people who will come to the potluck.
  • It can serve as a reference for the host to know the people who will confirm their attendance to the gathering.
  • It allows guests to know all the information about the potluck and it lets them make necessary preparations for the event.
  • It gives a sense of personal touch to be given an invitation for an intimate event.

If you are going to invite friends and other important people in your life to a potluck, aside from the potluck invitations available in this article, you may download our Elegant Invitation Templates, which may also be used in other occasions and celebrations.

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