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What Is a Creative Banner?

Creative banners are informative marketing tool used to inform advertise products, services, promotions, special offers, or even events to a target audience without needing a direct interaction with them. Banners are also effective tools for brand exposure which is a catalyst for a business or company to expand its market.

Banners can come in two different forms, namely print banners and digital banners. Print banners are the ones you would usually see being displayed in most conspicuous areas such as in the mall facades, school entrance gates, business storefronts, and more. Its digital counterpart, which is an effective digital marketing tool, is prominent on landing pages of company websites as well as in social media sites, popular ones include Facebook banner and YouTube banner.

How to Make a Creative Banner?

You don't have to be an expert graphic designer in order to come up with a creative banner design—all you need is the right know-how and the right template to get started. And with that, check out the following guidelines below to help you get started with your sample banner creation process without any unnecessary hassle.

1. Determine Your Main Message

The first thing you should do when creating a creative banner is to determine first its main message along with its supporting details. When you know what your main message is, you would easily figure out what you want your audience to get from your banner. This message should be clearly outlined in your headline. Its supporting details should follow answer the 5 W's—who, what, where, when, and why—and it should also follow the inverted pyramid concept where you should place the important details on the topmost part and the supporting details should follow.

2. Structure Elements Appropriately

Once you have already figured out the main message of your creative banner, knowing the elements that go along with it should follow. Make sure you prioritize and structure these elements in an appropriate manner accordingly so the entire picture of your creative banner will not only have a pleasing layout and a smooth flow in the eyes of your target market but it will also serve its purpose properly.

3. Use a Template

If you have no experience or skills related to creating banners, then you should consider downloading from our selection of creative banner templates. Non-designers will have no problem navigating around any of our templates since it already contains design elements and suggestive texts that are all layered into scalable vectors which enables you to easily modify and adjust things according to your preferences. It also includes a preformatted layout that allows you to input your details without any difficulty

4. Choose Relevant Creative Visuals

The images and other visual elements you incorporate on your banner can make or break the impact of your banner design. Ensure that the images you should include on your banner design are relevant enough to the main message you have decided upon for your simple banner. You can also include metaphoric or surreal visuals to pique the interests of your target audience.

5. Proofread Before Printing

There is nothing worse than having a printed banner that still contains glaring grammatical mistakes and typographical errors. It's not only a waste of resources, such as time and materials, but it can badly affect your credibility. Any errors left uncorrected can mean that if you are not prioritizing the quality of your banner, it can also mean that the quality of your products and services are also not given any priority as well. Once you have made sure that your final draft is free of errors, you can go ahead and print it!

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