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What Is A Creative ID Card?

In a broader sense, Identification (ID) cards are used by the management of a certain establishment in order to identify their subordinates; or, their employees. These are often worn by individuals like students or professional; often seen in the classroom or in the office. They're also commonly made in a vertical or horizontal format. Now to make it not boring and lifeless, an artistic ID card design comes in. A combination of colors and other visual elements that not only tell the ID holder's identity but also the company's brand itself — that's what comprises a creative ID card.

How To Make A Creative ID Card?

ID cards have played an important role in discerning individuals within the vicinity of an institution or an establishment, but a creative one doesn't just make it a point of reference but also a tool for brand promotion. Here are a few steps for you to learn how to make a creative ID card.

1. Gather Personal Information

Before you create your simple ID card, it's important to gather short personal information from your employees first. Upon doing so, make sure you don't forget about both their current and permanent address for futures use and another contact person in case of emergency. Yes, most of your employees are grow-ups already, but their welfare is still your responsibility because they are your subordinates and you are held liable for any harm from circumstances that especially took place within the office.

2. Determine Your Format

As you begin contemplating the inclusions in the id card, decide whether you wish to make your ID card in a vertical or horizontal format. Although both may seem similar to each other, there is still a slight difference when it comes to their purpose. Horizontal id cards may not be commonly used but it actually tends to be more professional because there is a good balance between the Id picture and the holder's personal details. One does not necessarily overlap the other; both the id picture and the details are easier to grasp.

3. Determine The Appropriate Size

Since you don't want your employees to wear a place card, then make sure to create a smaller size and make sure the details are readable and will be easily grasped. If possible, make your id cards in a 4x3'' or 3x2'' sizes. This way, your ID cards make important details more noticeable and ensures a good balance between the pictures, graphics, and texts.

4. Create Your ID Card

Now, it's for you to browse on ID card templates and choose the most beautifully and professionally designed ones. For you to free yourself from stress and to save your time, look for a creative id card template that uses the conventional id card format. This way, you'll also be free from expenses because you don't have to hire a graphic designer anymore. Then, plan how the details will be filled in the id card; which one should be on top and which one should go down. Make it structured to ensure a professional look but with a beautiful combination of colors and/or graphic designs.

5. Never Forget The Logo

As mentioned, ID cards don't just provide the holder's personal information or details, but it also promotes your brand. You should always remember that the holders of the id cards are your walking advertisers. Whenever they go, whoever they interact to, as they bring with them their ID's, they also flaunt with them your brand. So never forget about the logo and put in the dominant colors that utter your company's logo, name and brand.

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