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What Is a Creative Magazine?

It is apparent that a modern magazine should be creative; its main value is providing amazing visuals paired with informative and enticing articles to encourage people to flip the page. An ad executive has described a magazine as a device to induce people to read advertising; that it is simply a large booklet with two departments–entertainment and business. In this sense, you can clearly decipher that a magazine entertains the readers through its stories, pictures, verses, etc. and at the same time, makes money through advertising. And with the advents of technology, there has also been an influx of digital magazines the works the same as the traditional one.

How to Create a Creative Magazine

There are many aspects of a magazine that you need to consider when you start the creation process. And to help you out, we have here a short and easy guide that you can refer to:

1. Design an Eye-Catching Front Cover

The first point of contact between your magazine and target readers is the front cover. In order to encourage them to purchase your magazine, you need to come up with a captivating, attractive and engaging design for your front cover. You should use interesting high-quality images in large scale to establish a focal point in your cover; follow a hierarchy in your typography—magazine title in a large display font, and sub-headings and article teasers in smaller font sizes and varied styles and use a simple magazine yet striking color scheme.

2. Adapt to the Preferences of Your Audience

Regardless if you're designing a fashion, sports, lifestyle, or food magazine, it is important to adapt and incorporate the elements that your target audience wants to see. Pro tip: you can scan a magazine stand and familiarize the common elements used in the magazine genre you're trying to create. This will make it easier for you to distinguish which elements are preferred by your target audience. You can then easily incorporate this to your own brand designs.

3. Use a Consistent Style

As much as how you want to use unique designs on every page in your magazine, it can only create a messy and unorganized look. Hence, it is important to use a consistent style all throughout the pages. You should aim to create designs that are recyclable, this means that you should create elements that you can use even in the main pages of your magazine such as page numbers, running headers, borders, and so on.

4. Focus on Creating High-Impact Contents

Although the cover page is important, what makes readers continue reading are the contents in the inside pages. Aside from the layout of the said pages, you should also prioritize the contents. Before writing the draft, you should conduct thorough research on the topic and use a writing style the best suits the audience you're trying to entice. You should also add interesting images to keep the readers engaged.

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