Being a creative director means carrying a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder. You need to make artistic decisions that reap long term benefits for your output, whether it is through short videos, movies, or even theatrical plays. Though it is challenging, it is gratifying. So, if you want to work as one, introduce yourself to employers using any of our Creative Director Cover Letter Templates! Each sample template has original content that you can easily customize and edit. There's no need to start from a blank document. Writing a cover letter is easier when you use our templates. Subscribe now to start downloading!

How to Write a Creative Director Cover Letter?

A creative director cover letter is a formal document that endorses your skills and background in various fields (such as in the media, developer, and advertising industry), to an employer. This formal letter goes together with the resume, and it can be an excellent tool to convince employers to hire you for the position. The website, Study, said in an article that the job outlook for marketing, promotions, and marketing managers from 2018 to 2028 stands at 8%. Since creative directors fall into this industry, chances of you getting into this field aren't impossible. Write a cover letter to express your interest in becoming a creative director.

If you need some tips, read our list below.

1. Introduce Yourself

State your name and where you learned about the job vacancy. That gives recruiters a clear idea of where you heard of the vacancy company. Give this part a little flavor by saying how the company can provide you the right amount of exposure and perfection to your craft.

2. State Current Employment

If, by chance, you still work with another company, you have to be honest and tell the recipient regarding your set-up. Write your current position, working hours, and length of employment in the company. You can also include a little background on your tasks in your current job. This can help employers set a time for your interview if they decide to take a chance on you.

3. Give Background

Write about your experience as a creative director over the years. It can be your prior work experience in digital advertising and any other related fields. Having a background as a graphic designer can also boost your chance of getting that creative position.

4. Encourage a Response

In the last paragraph of your cover letter, inform the recruiter of your available time for them to contact you. Leave your contact information so you can get updates.

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