Organizing an exhibit event for your company? Looking for versatile marketing materials for your business that you can put up both indoor and outdoor? We've got you covered with our high-quality creative roll-up banner templates which you can download in Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), InDesign (.indd), and Apple Pages (.pages). Each of these has a format that is comprised of high-standard designs, images, graphics, and suggestive content layered into scalable vectors, making it highly customizable to match your business preferences. With the use of any of our template, you can promote your products and services the best and creative way possible. Act now, avail any of our subscription plans, and acquire our creative roll-up banner templates in your hands today!

How to Make a Creative Roll-up Banner?

1. Fill Information from Left to Right

When designing a roll-up banner, it is best if you follow a left to the right orientation since most people are already used to reading from top to bottom. Avoid information overload and keep in mind that your brochures, flyers, poster, and the like can accommodate more information regarding your company or organization. Less will always be more when it comes to designing your creative roll-up banner stand.

2. Place Logo at the Topmost Part

Make it at a point that as soon people, especially passersby, would glance at your roll-up banner, your simple logo will be the first thing they see. It is in doing so that you establish your brand's initial contact with your target market and because of that fact, you have to make the most out of it. If you are well-known enough, your logo alone is good as your CTA or a call-to-action that drives your target audience to you.

3. Take Advantage of Colors

Does your business already have official brand colors? Make the most out of it by incorporating it on your creative roll-up banner design. Even if you haven't come up with such colors yet, then you have the freedom to choose whatever colors you want, just make sure that it follows an attractive scheme that is not overwhelming to the eyes. An effective color scheme makes head turns—make every turn a step closer to the achievement of your organization's vision and mission.

4. Take Advantage of High-quality Creative Visuals

Another aspect you need to take advantage of when it comes to making a creative roll-up design is visual elements. Keep in mind that what you are trying to make is a creative marketing material, any wrong move would make your entire design look less creative. If you haven't done a photoshoot yet for your products and services, you may opt using royalty-free images and graphics that are related to your organization.

5. Don’t forget your details.

Apart from the visual aspect, do not neglect and forget incorporating informative details regarding your organization or your company's products and services. The details that usually appear in a creative roll-up banner aside from the details of your products, services, or event include the name of your organization, the tagline if it has one, landline or cellphone numbers, email address, web address, and social media handles.

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