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How to Make a Creative Book Cover?

According to Buzzbooks, a book cover acts as the book's marketing agent. It is the first part of the book that a reader would see. As such, it should be able to attract as much attention as possible. It should be able to give a reader an idea about its content while being mysterious enough to provoke curiosity. If you desire your book to stand out, you can start by reading some helpful tips below.

1. Start with the Layout for the Book Cover

To make sure that a book cover does what it's supposed to do, you have to plan its appearance. You have to prepare an initial layout because it allows you to be flexible when designing the book cover. It allows you to introduce new ideas to improve the design as much as needed.

2. Select a Theme in Line with the Book's Content

Themes can guide the graphic design of the book cover. It helps you unify the visual elements like colors, font, photos, and images. When choosing a book cover theme, make sure that it is related to the book's contents.

3. Gather Visual Materials for the Book Cover

Once you have the theme, you can now gather the visual materials needed for the book cover. Refer to the theme when choosing materials like photos and images. These materials must be relevant to the theme that you chose.

4. Work with Reliable Visual Design Applications

Visual design applications will make your book cover design cover easier with the help of its photo editing and image rendering tools. Despite the convenience of these applications, it will take time to learn their features. Therefore you must work with an application that you have already mastered; otherwise, look for an application that you can easily master. Applications like Adobe InDesign is a common example.

5. Use the Proper Font and Font Size

Your book cover's readability depends on the font you have chosen and its font size. Select a font style that is relevant to the theme. As for the size, make sure it is readable from a distance. However, it should not obscure the other visual elements of the book.

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