What Is a Postcard?

A postcard is a material that is used for sending a message or mailing without an envelope. It is typical for a postcard to have an image or photograph at the front and a message, note, and other details at the back, with a standard postcard size of 4×6 inches. The photograph can be about fashion, travel, lifestyle, landscape, or other art and creative ideas. Commonly, it is rectangular in shape and is made of thick paper or card stock. However, there are other shapes and materials that one can use. Some used thin wood to create wood postcards. Others create copper postcards, especially in the Copper Country in of the US, State of Michigan. There are also coconut postcards from tropical islands. While postcards are traditionally used to send a message and as an alternative option to the letter sent through the mail, nowadays, a sample postcard is regarded as one of the precious collectors' items as well as a form of souvenir and decoration. The oldest postcard was sent to the writer Theodore Hook in 1840.

How to Design a Creative Postcard?

Creating a postcard is not as difficult as you think. Follow these simple steps and tips to create a postcard in a breeze.

1. Incorporate Your Logo

Designing a modern postcard can also mean that you are promoting not just the postcard itself but also your personal or company branding, which is great to enhance your marketing. Hence, you must display your logo prominently in one or both size of a postcard for brand awareness.

2. Add High-Quality Photographs and Illustrations

Images, photographs, illustrations, and alike can be a great way to catch the interest of your audience. So, do not forget to include relevant photographs on the face of your invitation postcard. Make sure that they are of high quality, so your postcard will appear elegant and visually pleasing.

3. Choose Appropriate Colors

The colors of your layout and text must complement well with each other. You can first choose an overall theme of your design, so you will have a color where you will base your tints, hues, and shades. Avoid the use of too many colors; it is preferred to use only two to three colors to avoid overdesign.

4. Avoid Visual Clutter

As much as possible, keep your postcard design simple to avoid visual clutter. Be mindful when incorporating too many or irrelevant graphic designs. A birthday postcard can be more attractive than the one with full of incoherent elements.

5. Choose a Good-Quality Material and FInish

When you opt for the commonly used paper stock, make sure to choose the one that is durable enough and those that cannot be easily torn. For the finish, you can have die-cut designs, round corners, and many other finishes that will surely enhance your printable postcard design.

6. Recheck and Proofread

Finally, do not forget to recheck and proofread your work before sending your designs for printing to spot for spelling and typographical errors. You must also check if there are any misplaced or incorrect photos.

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