What Is a Creative Email Signature?

As you know, an gmail email signature is basically the block of text you find on the end of an email, usually in business emails. It contains the pertinent information of the sender such as his or her name, position or designation, company or organization he/she represents, other contact information, and so on. In some cases, an email signature also includes the company or organization logo that the sender is currently representing. When you say creative email signatures, these commonly have artistic elements that make the email signature more appealing and memorable. Through subtle but interesting designs, you can make use of the email signature to emphasize your brand and create strong brand recognition.

How to Create a Creative Email Signature

1. Only Include the Essential Information

The information you include in your email signature should be the essential information needed to contact you. There is no need to include details that have no correlation to the professional setting you are trying to emulate in your email. You can ask yourself the question “Would I give that information to a business associate I had just met?” to help you easily decide. Some of the most common information to include in an sample email signature is full name, job position, company, mobile phone number, office phone number, office address, and profile picture and/or logo.

2. Consider What Font Styles to Use

Similar to colors and spacing, the look and feel of your email signature can totally change with the font styles that you use. Since you are going for a creative yet professional look, then, it is best to choose font styles that embody that feel. The most commonly used fonts for modern email signatures are Georgia, Helvetica, Verdana, and so much more. But it is better to use only one font style to avoid a messy and unorganized look. Size-wise, you shouldn’t use more than 2-3 different font sizes throughout your whole signature.

3. Use Elements that Represent Your Brand

A single office worker sends an average of 40 emails per day. That means that you have 40 opportunities to promote your business in a digital setting through your email signature. Since your yahoo email signature is a visual representation of your brand during email correspondence, make sure that it has elements that people will immediately relate to your brand. Using elements such as colors, font styles, images, etc. in your email signature that is consistent with your branding image can help you create brand recognition that will ultimately convert to brand loyalty if nurtured well.

4. Be Mindful of the Spacing and Size

As mentioned, the spacing of your texts and design elements can affect the look and feel of your simple email signature. You should make sure having consistent spacing in all lines and elements. On the other hand, the size of your email signature should be perfect both in pixels and kilobytes. The size in pixels determines visually how big your signature is and the size in KB is the amount of disk space the email signature will take up when stored in the server. You should aim to create an email signature in 700(w) x 300(h) pixels for larger screens, 320(w) x 600(h) pixels for mobile screens, and keep it under 50 KB.

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