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Looking for a way to boost customer engagement in your restaurant? If yes, try starting a customer loyalty or Sample membership perk program for your restaurant. To ensure the success of this business strategy, do not forget to create well-designed membership cards, downloadable examples of restaurants which are embedded all throughout this article. Comprehensive information on how to use them for your restaurant business will also be provided.

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Free Membership Card Template

free membership card template

Free Membership Card Template

free membership card template1

What are restaurant membership cards?

Membership cards are used to identify a person’s affiliation with an organization, club, or group. They are usually printed on thick cardstock, plastic, or PVC laminate cards. And just like government-acknowledged organizations and groups, businesses that use membership cards also follow a standard card design to help increase the brand’s recognizability.

Examples of downloadable membership cards that can be used for any restaurant business are included below. Feel free to browse through them and choose the card template that will best represent your business.

What restaurant membership card template should you use?

Embedded below are 15 examples of restaurant membership card templates. Each card template is downloadable and editable using either Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Abstract Art Restaurant Membership Card Template

abstract art restaurant membership card template

Choose the Abstract Art Restaurant Membership Card Template featured above if you are operating a trendy cafe, restaurant, or diner in an upscale neighborhood. A restaurant membership card should reflect your restaurant’s theme or motif. By doing this, you are not only showcasing your restaurant’s unique brand design, but you are also making sure that your customers feel special.

If you want your membership card design to reflect more artistic card designs, you may hire an artist to draw or draft a design. And then you can use this illustration as your card cover design.

Authentic Restaurant Membership Card Design Template

authentic restaurant membership card design template

The Authentic Restaurant Membership Card Design Template (shown above) is an example of a membership card template that follows a credit card design. Use this kind of membership card template if you want to make sure that your customer loyalty card will fit into the wallets of most customers. This type of card size also makes it easier to swipe it on a point-of-sale counter to help track customer points and perks.

Tip: If you want to follow a credit card print size when printing your restaurant membership card, make sure that you are using high-quality images.

Blank Restaurant VIP Membership Card Template Set

blank restaurant vip membership card template set

If you want to have multiple card designs for your restaurant’s membership card that your customers can choose from, choose the Blank Restaurant VIP Membership Card Template Set shown above.

This card template set includes four card designs in vector illustration formats. Each card template can be edited using Adobe Illustrator or any compatible image editing software. Do not forget to have the correct software program installed before downloading this template set. This membership card template is both available for web and print use. And, depending on the purchase plan that you will choose, you can select the exact card print size that you like.

In addition, this card template set is fully editable. You may easily change the background patterns, font size, font styles, and other graphic design elements to match your restaurant’s current theme.

Bronze Restaurant VIP Membership Card Template

bronze restaurant vip membership card template

If you want a formal membership card template design, take a look at the Bronze Restaurant VIP Membership Card Template shown above. This card template design follows a bronze background color and it uses bold typography fonts to make the card design appear more professional.

As a vector illustration card template, you may choose the card print size depending on your personal preferences. And, if you want to add more security measures to the card template, the template may be edited to include these specific features.

Carbon Brasa Membership Card Template

carbon brasa membership card template

Hotel Restaurant Lunch Club Membership Card Template

hotel restaurant lunch club membership card template

Why should you use restaurant membership cards?

1. To promote your restaurant

Aside from serving as an identification card, membership cards can be used as a way to promote your restaurant business. With this business strategy, you use your restaurant membership card as a printed restaurant advertising material. A compelling printed advert should include all the necessary branding elements like restaurant logo design, slogan, and even contact information. This also means that the more people become members of your restaurant’s loyalty program, the more customers you have reached out to and the more potential profit you will gain.

2. To increase customer engagement

Restaurant membership cards may also play a crucial role in increasing your business’ customer engagement. This occurs because customers are more compelled to dine at your restaurant since they are getting membership benefits. An increase in customer engagement will also often translate to an increase in sales. That is why, if your restaurant offers a customer loyalty program, you should make sure that there is a clear distinction between member and non-member benefits.

3. To show your restaurant’s creative side

Just like any restaurant stationery design, a restaurant membership card can also be used as a way to showcase a different image for your dining establishment. To illustrate, if you want your restaurant to be portrayed as a fun and trendy place to hang out in, you may use a playful and creative membership card design. There are many card template designs that restaurateurs can choose from depending on the image they want for their respective restaurants.

When you set up a membership or customer loyalty program for your dining establishment, use this opportunity to spread the word about your restaurant. Restaurateurs can use this vehicle to revamp their restaurant image or to add more positive things to the customer’s current impression of their restaurants.

4. To help customers save money

One good reason for setting up a member loyalty program for your restaurant is that it allows your customers to save the money they spend at your dining establishment. But, take note that this does not mean that your restaurant will be losing money. When done right, the number of loyal customers frequenting your restaurant and the sales that these transactions generate will be more than the amount of customer savings.

Offering lower menu prices is also a good way to attract new customers. Any good restaurateur can then convert these new customers into loyal ones by making sure that they get the best service at the most affordable price point.

Japanese Restaurant Membership Card Template

japanese restaurant membership card template

Luxury Gold Member Club Card Template

luxury gold member club card template

Choose the Luxury Gold Member Club Card Template shown above if you want your restaurant membership cards to appear elegant and luxurious. This type of card template design works best for fine dining restaurants that cater to a high-end clientele. Restaurateurs can use this membership card to let important clients know that they will get the best service at the best prices.

Tip: When using this card template design, make sure that you print it out on equally high-quality PVC or laminate cards just like how credit and debit cards are printed. Doing this will further increase the perceived importance of the card and of your restaurant.

Night Bar Club Membership Card Template

night bar club membership card template

As its name implies, the Night Bar Club Membership Card Template featured above works best for dining establishments that double up as nightclubs, bars, or pubs. This card template sports a black background color that can also resemble a chalkboard design. Use this as a membership card template if you want to showcase your restaurant’s exclusivity and elegance at one glance.

When printing out this card template, make sure to use high-quality cardstock or laminate cards so that your customers can reuse the card.

Restaurant Club VIP Membership Card Template

restaurant club vip membership card template

The Restaurant Club VIP Membership Card Template embedded above is another card template design that suits most bars, clubs, and exclusive party and dining places. This Photoshop template follows the CMYK color model and all graphic elements have a 300 DPI high resolution.

This template’s download file includes two PSD files (one for the front page and one for the back page). The template is best printed out on paper measuring 3.4 inches by 2.2 inches with a 0.25-inch printing bleed. This template also makes use of free fonts. Download links to these fonts are included in the template’s Instruction File.

Retro Coffee Restaurant Membership Card Template

retro coffee restaurant membership card template

Coffee lovers out there will surely love the Retro Coffee Restaurant Membership Card Template featured above. So, if you are operating a cafe restaurant, try out this template as your restaurant’s card template design.

This restaurant card template prints out on both sides and two PSD templates will be included in the download file. The card template also follows the CMYK color setting and has a 300 DPI resolution. Download links to the typography fonts used in this template are included in the template.

Rustic Cafe Membership Card Template

rustic cafe membership card template

Salad Restaurant Loyalty Membership Card

salad restaurant loyalty membership card

Organic and vegan food restaurants often cater to a very specific niche. So, if you want your salad bar restaurant to stand out, you should develop a good restaurant marketing plan. One thing you can do is to set up a customer loyalty program and use card templates like the Salad Restaurant Loyalty Membership Card shown above.

This membership card template will suit most vegan restaurants due to its refreshing and informative design. This card template follows the size of a standard business card and it prints out on both sides. The card template may be downloaded and edited using either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Tip: When customizing this membership card template, make sure to add your restaurant’s social media contact information. This way, your customers can reach you online at any time and it will also help increase your brand’s recognizability.

Silver Restaurant Member Card Template

silver restaurant member card template

Simple Restaurant Membership Card Template

simple restaurant membership card template


Have you finally chosen a membership card template design for your restaurant? If yes, then that’s good. But, if you have not chosen a card template design yet, that is all right, too. Feel free to look into the different card template design examples found on this site. And, if you found this article useful, do not forget to bookmark it, share it with your colleagues, and refer back to it later on.

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