9+ Anniversary Dinner Invitations

anniversary dinner invitation

Anniversaries are such momentous yearly events which deserve a celebration among the relevant people such as friends, colleagues, business partners, and loved ones. People celebrate anniversaries for different reasons. It could be in celebration of a wedding or the commemoration of the day an institution or a company is founded. Whatever the reason for celebration, it is an irrevocable fact that planning an anniversary gathering would take quite a toll on the event planner due to the gravity of its importance.

Hence, if you are currently planning to throw a whole day anniversary party in some fancy function hall or if you are just planning a simple yet classy anniversary dinner among a close circle of friends or colleagues, then you need to send eye-catching invitation cards to your guests, which will induce their excitement at the thought of attending your party. In order to help you, we have collected various anniversary Dinner Invitation Templates, which you may select from. Simply scroll down below and download the one you deem perfect with your party’s theme.

Wedding Anniversary Dinner Invitation

wedding-anniversary-dinner-invitation Download

Church Anniversary Dinner Invitation

church-anniversary-dinner-invitation Download

50th Anniversary Dinner Invitation

50th-anniversary-dinner-invitation Download

Company Anniversary Dinner Invitation

company-anniversary-dinner-invitation Download

Employee Anniversary Dinner Invitation

employee-anniversary-dinner-invitation Download

Wedding Anniversary Dinner Invitation

A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date when two people vowed to love each other in sickness and in health. The design of the anniversary invitation would reflect a lot of things such as

  • how much the couple cherish their relationship,
  • how happy and satisfied they are about their marriage so much so that they are willing to share this happiness to their loved ones, and
  • how much the couple intend to extend the longevity of their marriage for the next years to come.

If you are assigned to design the invitation cards, download our Invitation Templates and tweak them according to your taste.

Anniversary Dinner Invitation Wording

anniversary-dinner-invitation-wording Download

Formal Anniversary Dinner Invitation

formal-anniversary-dinner-invitation Download

Chalkboard Anniversary Dinner Invitation

anniversary-chalkboard-dinner-invitation Download

Surprise Anniversary Dinner Invitation

surprise-anniversary-dinner-invitation Download

Free Printable Anniversary Dinner Invitation

free-printable-anniversary-dinner-invitation Download

Company Anniversary Dinner Invitation

Companies, corporations, and even small-scale businesses will benefit the most when they celebrate their company’s anniversary. A company anniversary dinner can be a grand affair, a cocktail party, or simply celebrated for two to four hours during dinnertime.

Celebrating company anniversaries is good for business because

  • it encourages employees to stay in the company because the anniversary is a sign that the company is stable enough for them to plant their career paths on;
  • it is the chance to build connections with prospective clients and business partners by inviting them to the event; and
  • it promotes the company’s trustworthy and stellar standing to the general public, prospective clients, and even competitors by advertising the company’s longevity and ability to withstand business obstacles.

If you are planning to host an anniversary dinner, then you might benefit by perusing any of our Anniversary Invitation Templates.

Designing tips

It is not only paramount that you select the perfect design for you invitation cards but that you also have to take note of the following tips:

  • Remember to fill in the anniversary dinner details such as the date, time, location, and dress code of the dinner.
  • Specify the date you expect your guests to RSVP.
  • Print your invitation on glossy or linen paper in order to give it an imposing and elegant look.
  • Send your invitation cards 2-3 weeks before the anniversary dinner.

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